FlexPDE 偏微分有限元素軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

FlexPDE 偏微分有限元素軟體

FlexPDE  偏微分有限元素軟體

  • FlexPDE 偏微分有限元素軟體
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FlexPDE  偏微分有限元素軟體

FlexPDE does not merely pass a translation on to some other package for processing. In fact, FlexPDE is designed to be the package other applications call for processing.
Here are some of the new features in version 6 :
  • • Multithreading - Support for dual and quad core processors. Run multiple problems simultaneously or use up to 8 threads for parallel execution within a single problem.
  • • Complex, Vector and Array Variables and Equations - Direct support of these data types simplifies equation construction.
  • • Regionally Inactive Variables - Variables can be declared inactive in some regions and active in others.
  • •​​​​​​​ Multiple Equation Sets - Splitting of equations into sets that are solved sequentially and alternately.
  • •​​​​​​​ Additional Status Graphs - Updated graphical interface to include plots of cell/node number, error, convergence and timestep.
  • •​​​​​​​ Internal Tabulation Facility - Build on-the-fly tables of computationally intensive parameters for more economical execution.
  • •​​​​​​​ Arrays and Matrices - Extended support allows array and matrix operations for use in equations, graphics and domain construction.
  • •​​​​​​​ Planes, Cylinders, Spheres - Simplified Construction of Planes, Cylinders and Spheres in 3D.
  • •​​​​​​​ Stop and Restart Facility - Simplified facility for restarting a script after stopping.
  • •​​​​​​​ Web-based Licensing - Move license from machine to machine with web actions. No dongle to loose!
Sample Version 6 Screen Shot :

FlexPDE continually monitors the accuracy of the solution, and adapts the finite element mesh to resolve those areas of high error.
You don't need a dense mesh throughout the domain, because FlexPDE will find the areas that need it, and put it there!
The problem shown here is a two-phase flow calculation, modeling the extraction of oil by water injection. FlexPDE adapts the mesh to the front of the wave.
FlexPDE 6 allows the definition of mesh-moving equations*, and applies an Arbitrary Lagrange/Eulerian (ALE) formulation. This allows several optional behaviors:
  • •​​​​​​​ By locking the mesh to the fluid velocity, you can create a fully Lagrangian model.
  • •​​​​​​​ Or, you can define a relaxive mesh within moving boundaries to maintain mesh integrity.
  • •​​​​​​​ Or, by omitting the mesh moving equations, you can perform a fully Eulerian computation.
In any case, FlexPDE automatically corrects the PDE system to represent the motion of the mesh.
The problem shown here computes the motion of a gas in a compressor cylinder.

Imagine being able to type in your partial differential equations system, add a description of the problem domain, and instantly convert this problem specification into a sophisticated finite element model, including
  • •​​​​​​​ One, two or three space dimensions
  • •​​​​​​​ Automatic mesh construction
  • •​​​​​​​ Time dependent, steady-state or eigenvalues.
  • •​​​​​​​ Flexible integrated graphical output
  • •​​​​​​​ Dynamic adaptive mesh refinement
  • •​​​​​​​ Dynamic timestep control
  • •​​​​​​​ Nonlinear equation solver
  • •​​​​​​​ Unlimited equation complexity
  • •​​​​​​​ Unlimited number of simultaneous equations
  • •​​​​​​​ Multiple Equation Sets*
  • •​​​​​​​ Complex, Vector and Array Variables and Equations
  • •​​​​​​​ Regionally Inactive Variables
  • •​​​​​​​ Arbitrary Lagrange/Eulerian moving mesh
  • •​​​​​​​ Export capability for 3rd-party visualizations
  • •​​​​​​​ Multithreading support for dual and •​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​quad core processors

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