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MedCalc 19.1 醫學計算軟體

MedCalc 19.1 醫學計算軟體

  • MedCalc 19.1 醫學計算軟體
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    MedCalc 是一套專門為醫學工作者設計的醫學計算軟體,它可以幫助醫生快速作出醫學計算,從而對症下藥。提供超過許多常用的規則和方法,
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System Requirements

  • •  PC with Windows XP (with Service Pack 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10; or Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and 2016 (all 32-bit and 64-bit versions supported).
  • •  On Windows versions prior to Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012, support for Excel *.xlsx files additionally requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (a free download from Microsoft).
  • •  1024 Mb of memory.
  • •  60 Mb free space on the hard disk.

MedCalc 醫學計算軟體

MedCalc 是一套專門為醫學工作者設計的醫學計算軟體,它可以幫助醫生快速作出醫學計算,從而對症下藥。提供超過許多常用的規則和方法, 
MedCalc is a complete statistical program for Windows designed to closely match the requirements of biomedical researchers. It is fast, user-friendly and reliable. MedCalc is the most user-friendly software for Receiver Operating Characteristic curve (ROC curves) analysis. The MedCalc ROC module includes comparison of up to 6 ROC curves. The software also includes Bland & Altman plot, Passing and Bablok and Deming regression for method comparison studies.

Data management

  • •  Integrated spreadsheet with 1 048 576 rows and 16 384 columns.
  • •  Correct handling of missing data.
  • •  Outliers can easily be excluded.
  • •  Built-in WYSIWYG text editor.
  • •  Imports Excel, Excel 2007, SPSS, DBase and Lotus files, and files in SYLKDIF or plain text format.
  • •  Easy selection of subgroups for statistical analysis.

MedCalc Documentation

  • •  Comprehensive help file.
  • •  Manual in PDF format (go to download area).
  • •  Complete HTML manual on MedCalc web site.
  • •  Context help in dialog boxes.

ROC curve analysis

MedCalc is the reference software for ROC curve analysis. Our ROC curve analysis module includes:
  • •  Area under the curve (AUC) with standard error, 95% confidence interval, P-value. Offers choice between methodology of DeLong et al. (1988) and Hanley & McNeil (1982, 1983).
  • •  List of sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratios, and positive and negative predictive values for all possible threshold values.
  • •  ROC curve graph with 95% Confidence Bounds.
  • •  Threshold values can be selected in an interactive dot diagram with automatic calculation of corresponding sensitivity and specificity.
  • •  Plot of sensitivity and specificity versus criterion values.
  • •  Interval likelihood ratios.
  • •  Comparison of up to 6 ROC curves: difference between the areas under the ROC curves, with standard error, 95% confidence interval and P-value.
  • •  Sample size calculation for area under ROC curve and comparison of ROC curves.
  • •  Go to the ROC curve analysis section of the MedCalc manual for more information on ROC curve analysis in MedCalc.


  • •  Lots of graphs, see Graph gallery.
  • •  Data point identification in graphs.
  • •  Draw text boxes, lines, arrows and connectors.
  • •  Name, save and recall graphs and statistics.
  • •  Statistical info in graph windows.
  • •  Save graphs as BMP, PNG, GIF, PCX, JPG or TIF files, or as PowerPoint slides (*.pptx).

MedCalc 19.1 醫學計算軟體

MedCalc 是一套專門為醫學工作者設計的醫學計算軟體,它可以幫助醫生快速作出醫學計算,從而對症下藥。提供超過許多常用的規則和方法,


MedCalc 19.1 醫學計算軟體
MedCalc 19.1 醫學計算軟體

AssayZap 3.0 實驗分析計算軟體

AssayZap是一種普遍的實驗分析計算軟體,它主要針對RIA, ELISA, IRMA,比色及其它類型的化學分析。 它能夠處理的數量高達2^31。標準曲線可以被配備2個參數、4個參數、4個加權參數、或者是獨特的手工互動裝備,它可允許安裝所有的不同形狀的標準曲線。實驗分析可以包含多達2000支軟管和四條標準曲線,每個可包含高達24個值。實驗分析的要點可以通過標準曲線間的插補結果來補充。


AssayZap 3.0 實驗分析計算軟體
AssayZap 3.0 實驗分析計算軟體

Diamond 4 分子結構軟體



Diamond 4 分子結構軟體
Diamond 4 分子結構軟體




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