CACE Pilot 網路分析監控軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

CACE Pilot 網路分析監控軟體

CACE Pilot 網路分析監控軟體

  • CACE Pilot 網路分析監控軟體
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    CACE Pilot是CACE公司推出的通用型高層網絡應用分析系統軟體.它的最顯著特徵是:與Wireshark的無縫集成
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CACE Pilot 網路分析監控軟體

CACE Pilot是CACE公司推出的通用型高層網絡應用分析系統軟體.它的最顯著特徵是:與Wireshark的無縫集成
CACE Pilot is a visually rich and powerful analyzer for wired and wireless networks that revolutionizes the use of Wireshark by providing capabilities not found in the world’s most popular packet and network analysis tool. Fully integrated with Wireshark, CACE Pilot capitalizes on user's existing expertise while dramatically increasing efficiency in identifying and diagnosing network problems. With CACE Pilot, you can
  •   •  Quickly open and analyze multi-gigabyte trace files
  •   •  Easily isolate and identify traffic of interest through an extensive collection of network analysis metrics called “Views”
  •   •  Visualize long-duration live and off-line traffic statistics by moving back in time through large data sets with just a few mouse clicks
  •   •  Baseline and monitor long-duration network traffic with a flexible trigger-alerting mechanism called “Watches”
  •   •  Create professional reports directly from the user's customized Views
  •   •  Take advantage of Wireshark’s capture and display filters and prodigious dissector library for deep packet analysis from within CACE Pilot


Wireshark Within
Wireshark Within
4:22 video
CACE Pilot is the only analysis tool to offer full integration with Wireshark. Use Wireshark on very large trace files by isolating interesting portions of the trace file using CACE Pilot’s Adaptive Analysis Engine. The Wireshark capture and display filters are available within CACE Pilot as well as Wireshark’s prodigious dissector library for deep packet analysis.
Views: Flexible Analysis and Visualization Paradigm
CACE Pilot offers a complete collection of interactive View metrics to meet all of the user's troubleshooting needs. These include:
  •   •  802.11 WLAN troubleshooting (Discovery, Bandwidth, Channel Usage, Retransmissions, Signal and Noise)
  •   •  LAN and network troubleshooting (MAC, VLAN, ARP, ICMP, DHCP, and DNS)
  •   •  Bandwidth usage (including MicroBursts, IP, TCP, Web, and VoIP)
  •   •  Talkers and conversations (IP, subnets, countries, TCP, Web, and VoIP)
  •   •  Performance and errors (IP, TCP, Web, VoIP)
  •   •  User activity (Web, VoIP)
Charts: Dynamic Visualization Components
Bar and Pie Charts
3:45 video
CACE Pilot includes a complete collection of interactive Charts including bar, pie, and strip charts, conversation rings, scatter diagrams and grids. Intuitive point-and-click process for selecting elements within a Chart, such as bars within a bar chart or time intervals within a strip chart.

Drill-Down: Innovative In-Depth Analysis
Drill Down
6:32 video
Drill-down is one of the most powerful and unique features in CACE Pilot. Drill-down occurs when the user applies a View to a source which itself is the result of a selection made within a previously-instantiated View. This powerful paradigm increases the user's analysis capabilities many-fold. Very large trace files can be analyzed using the drill-down feature to quickly find and isolate anomalous network behavior.

Time Control: Flexible, Long-term Trending, Monitoring and Forensics
Time Control
2:58 video
Viewing network traffic metrics computed over days, weeks, and months can be challenging. With CACE Pilot’s “back-in-time”capability, you can easily move through View metrics over extended periods of time with just a few mouse clicks. Based on the selected time interval, sub-sampling and data aggregation techniques are used to optimize the granularity of the visual presentation of View metrics. The back-in-time capability can be applied to live and off-line traffic metrics.

Watches: Advanced Trigger-Alerting Mechanism
2:52 video
CACE Pilot includes a sophisticated triggering and alerting technology called “Watches.” It is possible to create a Watch (trigger plus action) on virtually any View metric and be alerted based on a trigger condition computed on the metric. For example, the user can be alerted on high bandwidth, slow server response time, high TCP round-trip time, and so on. When a Watch detects that a trigger condition has been met, an action will be executed. Actions include event logging, sending email, and starting a packet capture.

Superior Reporting
3:45 video
CACE Pilot offers an enhanced set of reporting capabilities that integrate fully with CACE Pilot Views, enabling you to create professional reports from what you see on the screen. CACE Pilot reports can be created in a variety of formats including PDF, Word and Excel.

Unparalleled Wireless Support with AirPcap
6:44 video
CACE Pilot offers unparalleled functionality and versatility when applied to wireless networks through a comprehensive set of 802.11 Views that can be applied directly to 802.11 wireless sources.
Thanks to the integration with CACE Technologies' AirPcap adapters, CACE Pilot is the only product in the industry to offer full multi-channel packet capture from a laptop-based system. With AirPcap Ex or Nx, CACE Pilot can speed up the decryption of WPA and WPA2 (pre-shared key) 802.11 frames as well.

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