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PRTG Network Monitor v22 網路流量監控軟體

PRTG Network Monitor v22 網路流量監控軟體

  • PRTG Network Monitor v22 網路流量監控軟體
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    Trusted Every Day by 150,000 Admins Around the Globe More than 150,000 administrators rely on PRTG Network Monitor every day to monitor their LANs, WANs, servers, websites, appliances, URLs, and more
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PRTG Network Monitor v22 Network traffic monitoring software

Flexible alerting 
PRTG comes with more than 10 built-in technologies such as email, push,play alarm audio files, or triggering HTTP requests. PRTG on-premises also supports SMS text messages and executing
EXE files.
Our free push notifications help you stay up to date when using your mobile device(s).
Adapt the notification system to suit your needs and schedule
alerts (such as 'no low priority alerts at night'), or avoid alarm
floods by using dependencies and acknowledging. You could
even use our PRTG API to write your own notifications.

Multiple user interfaces 
• Full featured web interface: based on AJAX with high
     security standards, highly performant thanks to Single
     Page Application (SPA) technology, and optimally
     adjusting to your systems 
by its responsive design
  • PRTG Desktop app: native application for PRTG, especially
     for several PRTG installations
  • App for iOS and Android
  • All user interfaces allow SSL-secured local and remote access
    and can be used simultaneously.

Cluster failover solution 
It is always better to be safe than sorry. PRTG Network Monitor
allows failover tolerant monitoring.
One single failover is included in every PRTG on-premises
Automatic failover handling: if the primary master of the cluster
is not connected or is down,another node immediately takes
over all its responsibilities, including the sending of notifications.
Take advantage of multiple points of presence monitoring: all
nodes monitor all sensors all the time,so you can compare
response times from different locations in the network
The hosted version of PRTG also comes with high-availability
We take care of it for you so there is no cluster support in the

Maps and dashboards 
Visualize your network using real time maps with live status information.
Create dashboards with the PRTG map designer and integrate
all your network components with more
than 300 different map objects – from device and status icons
to traffic charts and top lists.
Individualize your map using custom HTML.
Share your map providing its unique URL on a dashboard
within your company LAN only, or even outside your company.

Distributed monitoring
Monitor several networks in different locations and separated
networks within your company (for example, DMZ and LAN)
with PRTG Remote Probes.
Use remote probes to monitor your LAN with the hosted version of PRTG.
Get the overview in one central PRTG core installation.
You can also use remote probes to distribute monitoring load.
Each PRTG license includes unlimited remote probes.
As an MSP you can monitor your customer's networks and
increase the quality of service.  



he 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the following operating systems are officially supported for the PRTG core server service and PRTG probe service:
Microsoft Windows Server 2019*
Microsoft Windows Server 2016*
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2*
Microsoft Windows Server 2012*
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2*
* Windows servers in Core mode or Minimal
Server Interface are not officially supported

Hardware and Network Size Requirements for
the PRTG Core Server 

Hardware requirements for the PRTG core server service mainly
depend on the sensors and scanning intervals that you use. Your network size can also influence the performance of your monitoring.
Up to 500、1,000、2,500、5,000、10,000、10,000

Hardware and Network Size Requirements
for Remote Probes 

Hardware requirements for the PRTG probe service mainly depend on the sensors and scanning intervals that you use. Your network size can also influence performance of your monitoring.
Up to 200、200 - 2,000、2,000 - 5,000、> 5,000


March 24th 2022 – Version





This version includes an important security update for your PRTG core server. We updated the OpenSSL library that PRTG uses to version 1.0.2zd, which patches the recently disclosed OpenSSL vulnerability CVE-2022-0778.

For more information, see the Knowledge Base:

We recommend that you update as soon as possible.

Note: Under certain circumstances, the PRTG core server could not successfully start after updating to version or We fixed the issue with PRTG

March 15th 2022 – Version





PRTG now sanitizes channel names to close a potential XSS vulnerability. (CVE-2021-42695)



Packet Sniffer

We updated the Npcap library that Packet Sniffer and Packet Sniffer (Custom) sensors use to monitor your traffic to version 1.60. The new version includes several fixes and improvements compared to the previously delivered version 1.10.

If you encounter issues with your Packet Sniffer sensors after the update, please see the Knowledge Base article



Single sign-on

  • You have now the option to use GraphQL to retrieve group claims from Microsoft Graph when you integrate Azure Active Directory for single-sign on (SSO) in PRTG. With GraphQL, you can also properly create SSO user accounts that are member of more than 200 groups. The default approach for group claim retrieval is using an Access token as before.
  • The login with a new SSO user account now succeeds even if there already is a user account with the same login name that only differs in upper case and lower case letters.



HTTP Push Data Advanced

We improved the stability of the HTTP Push Data Advanced sensor. In previous versions, the sensor occasionally showed a down status with the error message could not bind socket after some time. The issue appeared in cases when there were more than one sensor of this type running.

Microsoft Azure sensors

Microsoft Azure sensors now can handle all name strings as specified in the Resource name rules by Microsoft. In previous versions, the Microsoft Azure SQL sensor, for example, could not handle whitespaces in elastic pool names and showed HTTP error 400 after creation.

SQL v2 sensors

SQL v2 sensors show data table values in the sensor message again if you enable the Use Data Table Value in Sensor Message setting. In previous versions, the defined value of the data table was missing in the message of the sensor types ADO SQL v2, Microsoft SQL v2, MySQL v2, PostgreSQL, and Oracle SQL v2.

Syslog Receiver

We improved the reliability of the Syslog Receiver sensor in case of probe restarts to reduce issues with blocked ports.



Historic data

You can generate historic data files in XML and CSV format via the web interface again. In the previous version, running historic data reports for sensors did not work via the web interface and returned an Unauthorized error if the file format was XML or CSV.


This version comes with a number of stability improvements for the PRTG core server.



Cisco Meraki sensors

  • We improved the connection stability of the Cisco Meraki License (BETA) and Cisco Meraki Network Health (BETA) sensors. The sensors now also handle HTTP response code 429 that returns in case of breached request limits in a more comprehensible way.
  • The meta-scan for available monitoring objects when adding the Cisco Meraki Network Health (BETA) sensor now succeeds even if the API access is disabled for some organizations so that you can still add the sensor in such cases.

NetApp System Health

You can try out the experimental NetApp System Health (BETA) sensor that supports the new ONTAP REST API as of ONTAP 9.6 and will be the successor of the existing NetApp System Health sensor.

Redfish sensors

We implemented several improvements for the experimental Redfish sensors.
  • The experimental Redfish Power Supply (BETA) sensor can also monitor devices that return null for non-existent values. In previous versions, the sensor showed a down status in such cases.
  • You can easier find Redfish sensors in the Add sensor dialog when you look for sensors that monitor devices of a specific vendor because the sensor descriptions now show supporters of the Redfish standard like Broadcom, Dell, Emerson, HPE, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Supermicro, and VMware.

REST Custom v2

You can now define up to 5 individual placeholders for the experimental REST Custom v2 (BETA) sensor in the Credentials for REST API settings of devices. You can use the placeholders, as well as newly introduced placeholders for credentials, in the Request URL, POST Body, and Custom Header fields of the REST Custom v2 sensor. PRTG does not display the corresponding values in the sensor log nor in the sensor settings.


New UI

Device list

You can now select the Device List view to see all devices on root group, probes, or groups.

Web interface

  • The Welcome page and the page footer now contain information about the installed PRTG version and the selected release channel.
  • Down (Acknowledged) status icons on the monitoring overview are no longer cropped.


The Open new UI button in the classic PRTG web interface in German language no longer causes the global sensor status symbols to overlap the search box.


We updated the style of linked sensor names in tables.



POST Requests

We increased the maximum size of the request body of POST requests to 15 kB.


  • The Core Health (Autonomous) sensor now keeps working as expected if you deactivate the new UI and API.
  • The Sensor Factory sensor now sends added and deleted channels to the sensor data and overview endpoints of the new API as expected.


The PRTG application server does not use a hard-coded fallback certificate anymore. If the PRTG application server cannot load the provided certificate, it stops the startup process.


We have increased the performance of the PRTG application server.


We improved the documentation.


PRTG Desktop

Probe transfer

We improved the stability of the probe transfer when transferring large probe configuration files.




We updated and improved all language files.

All parts of PRTG

Various other minor fixes and improvements, updated user manual

February 1st 2022 – Version





We hardened PRTG against Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. This prevents changes to PRTG via web forms not originating from PRTG that attackers may use to trick PRTG users into performing requests with the user account's context. (CVE-2021-34547)

Note: API calls now always explicitly require credentials even if the user account is currently logged in in PRTG. Otherwise, PRTG will return Unauthorized. If you have issues with saving changes to settings, clear your browser cache with CTRL+F5 after updating and opening the PRTG web interface because we also updated the JavaScript version with this security improvement.



AWS Cost

You can now create device templates that include the AWS Cost sensor. You can use the device templates to add AWS Cost sensors via auto-discovery.

DNS v2

  • The DNS v2 sensor now also considers the authority section of the DNS response when counting and matching DNS records.
  • Monitoring PTR records now works the same way as with the DNS v1 sensor. You can only provide the IP address as Domain Name and do not need to manually add anymore.

Veeam Backup Job Status Advanced

  • You can now also monitor file share backup jobs with the Veeam Backup Job Status sensor and with the Veeam Backup Job Status Advanced sensor. The sensors did not support this job type before. We also fixed the monitoring of replica and immediate backup copy jobs for which the sensors showed incorrect data in previous versions.
  • We renamed the default primary channel Status of the Veeam Backup Job Status Advanced sensor to Last Result, which makes it clearer that this channel shows the status of the last backup job run. The separate Status channel that now appears shows the overall status of the backup job.



Oracle Tablespace

We changed the name of the Database Size channel of the Oracle Tablespace sensor to Tablespace Size. Tablespace Size is the correct naming because this is what the channel monitors. The same is for the Tablespace Size on Disk channel that we accordingly changed as well.

SSL Security Check

We changed the TLS 1.1 (Strong) channel of the SSL Security Check sensor to TLS 1.1 (Weak). This means that the sensor will now show a warning status if the target device accepts TLS 1.1 connections. We also changed the TLS 1.2 (Perfect) channel to TLS 1.2 (Strong), which comes without a changed behavior for the sensor status.


Channel units

Channel Unit Configuration

We changed the default channel units for probes, group, devices and sensors. New PRTG installations and newly created probes, group, devices, and sensors with turned off inheritance now have the following units defined by default as you can check in the Channel Unit Configuration settings.
  • Bytes (Bandwidth): MB and Mbit/sec
  • Bytes (Memory): GB
  • Bytes (Disk): GB
  • Bytes (File): MB
The default units on existing PRTG installations are not changed and still have KB and kbit/second for bandwidth, MB for memory, MB for disk, and bytes for file.




Running an auto-discovery with a device template that includes SNMP Cisco CBQoS sensors now successfully adds sensors of this type. In previous versions, this did not work due to incorrect entries for this sensor type in created device templates and the sensors were not added.




Filtering in table API calls returns only exact matches again. In previous versions, the filter also returned objects if it matched their prefixes.


PRTG properly synchronizes the settings of notification templates from the master node to failover nodes again. In previous versions, defined settings of newly created notification templates were not taken over on failover nodes, which could result in notifications not being sent from a failover.

Down (Acknowledged)

The sensor message of sensors in Down (Acknowledged) status shows the original error message again. The error message was missing for acknowledged sensors in previous versions.


The command line parameter /LANG for the language used in PRTG works again when installing PRTG via command line as specified in the Knowledge Base article What command line codes and exit codes can I use with Paessler setups? You can now even use /LANG for silent installations. In previous version, PRTG was always installed with the default English language file when using the command line for setup.


We fixed the channel selection of notification triggers in cloned libraries. In previous versions, you could not select a sensor channel in the settings of speed, threshold, and volume triggers if the library was a clone.


You can save changes to sensor channels again even if another channel of the same sensor has the setting Enable alerting based on limits with no defined limits activated. In previous versions, the input validation failed in such cases and you received an Error (Bad Request) dialog window with the message The validation of the data you entered failed. You have set Alerting to limit-based, but have entered no limit value.



Cisco Meraki License

You can try out the experimental Cisco Meraki License (BETA) sensor as of this version and monitor the status of your Meraki licenses. It shows days to expiration, license model, and license count.

Cisco Meraki Network Health

You can try out the experimental Cisco Meraki Network Health (BETA) sensor as of this version and monitor the health of Cisco Meraki network devices.

FortiGate VPN Overview

You can try out the experimental FortiGate VPN Overview (BETA) sensor as of this version and monitor VPN connections of your Fortinet FortiGate firewall. The sensor shows the number of connected SSL clients, as well as the number of both up and down IPsec tunnels.

REST Custom v2

  • The REST Custom v2 (BETA) sensor now supports Boolean values. If you select content type JSON and value type Integer, the sensor can map a Boolean value (false or true) to 0 or 1. Use Boolean lookups to get a neat display of the channel on the sensor overview tab.
  • You can now also use email addresses in the Request URL of the REST Custom v2 (BETA) sensor. In previous versions, the sensor did not work with such URLs.


New UI

Context menus

You can now open the corresponding context menu if you right-click linked objects or headers.


You can now sort sensor lists based on the time since the last scan.


Line breaks in notifications no longer break up single words.

PRTG Network Monitor v22 網路流量監控軟體

HTTP 請求等10多種技術。
PRTG 本地還支持 SMS 文本消息和執行 EXE 文件。
您甚至可以使用我們的PRTG API編寫自己的通知。

• 全功能的網頁界面:基於具有高安全標準的AJAX,
       由於單頁應用程序 (SPA) 
   •  PRTG 桌面應用程序:PRTG 的本機應用程序,尤其適用於多個
       PRTG 安裝
   •  適用於 iOS 和 Android 的應用程序
   •  所有用戶界面都允許 SSL 保護的本地和遠程訪問,
​​       ​​​​並且可以同時使用。


安全總比後悔好。PRTG 網絡監視器允許容錯監視。每個 PRTG 本地許可證中都包含一個故障轉移!
自動故障轉移處理:如果集群的主要 master 未連接或宕機,另一個節點立即接管其所有職責,包括發送通知。
PRTG 的託管版本還帶有高可用性監控。我們會為您處理,

使用PRTG 地圖設計器創建儀表板,並將您的所有網絡組件與
300 多個不同的地圖對象集成 - 從設備和狀態圖標到流量圖表和頂級列表。
使用自定義 HTML個性化您的地圖。
僅在公司 LAN 內或什至公司外部的儀表板上共享您的地圖,
提供其唯一的 URL。

• 使用PRTG Remote Probes監控公司內不同位置和分離網絡
    (例如,DMZ 和 LAN)的多個網絡。
  • 使用遠程探針通過 PRTG 的託管版本監控您的 LAN。
  • 在一個中央 PRTG 核心安裝中獲取概述。
  • 您還可以使用遠程探測器來分配監控負載。
  • 每個 PRTG 許可證包括無限的遠程探測。
  • 作為 MSP,您可以監控客戶的網絡並提高服務質量。

• 獲取特定監控數據或配置的數字、統計數據和圖表。
  • 將您的歷史監控數據導出為 PDF、HTML、XML 或 CSV 文件,
​     並進一步處理您的監控數據。
  • 按需運行報告或安排定期報告(每日、每週、每月)。


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