Burp Suite Professional 網路弱點掃描工具-資訊資安軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Burp Suite Professional 網路弱點掃描工具

Burp Suite Professional  網路弱點掃描工具

  • Burp Suite Professional 網路弱點掃描工具
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    Burp Suite Professional 是網絡安全測試人員的首選工具包。使用它來自動執行重複性測試任務 - 然後使用其專家設計的手動和半自動安全測試工具進行更深入的挖掘。Burp Suite Professional 可以幫助您測試 OWASP Top 10 漏洞以及最新的黑客技術。
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Burp Suite Professional

Find more vulnerabilities faster

Automate and save time

Intelligent automation and manual tools designed by experts work together to save your time. Optimize your workflow and do more of what you do best.

Increase scan coverage
Burp Scanner is designed to test feature-rich modern web applications. Scan JavaScript, test APIs, and record complex authentication sequences.

Minimize false positives
Ultra-reliable out-of-band application security testing (OAST) can find many other invisible vulnerabilities. Burp Suite Professional makes everything simple.

Test like a professional-use the industry's trusted toolkit
Discover vulnerabilities that others cannot find

Break the boundaries of Web security testing-first benefit from the work of PortSwigger Research. Frequent releases keep you in the lead.

More efficient when testing
Benefit from toolkits designed and used by professional testers. Productivity features such as project files-and powerful search functions-improve efficiency and reliability.

Share findings with those in need
Simplify documentation and remediation processes, and generate reports that end users want to use. A good security test will not end when it is discovered.

Expand your capabilities
Adjust your toolkit to meet your needs
As a member of Burp Suite Professional's huge global user community, access a large number of suggestions and hundreds of pre-written BApp extensions.

Create your own function
The powerful API allows you to access core Burp Suite Professional features. Use it to create your own extensions-and integrate with existing tools.

Customize the way you work
Whether you prefer to work in dark mode or want to use a custom scan configuration, we can meet your needs. Burp Suite Professional is customized.



Burp Suite Professional requires a computer with the official Java Runtime Environment (64-bit edition, version 1.7 or later) installed. JREs are available for various popular operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. If you are unsure whether your computer is suitable, you should first test the free community edition of Burp Suite on your computer to satisfy yourself that it works correctly.

For the best experience with Burp Suite Professional, we recommend using a machine with at least 8 GB of memory and 2 CPU cores. If you are performing large amounts of work, or testing large or complex applications, you may need more memory than this. If you are unsure whether your computer is suitable, we recommend first testing Burp Suite Community Edition on your machine to satisfy yourself that it works correctly.


Burp Suite Professional




Burp Scanner旨在測試功能豐富的現代 Web 應用程序。掃描 JavaScript、測試 API並記錄複雜的身份驗證序列。

超可靠的帶外應用程序安全測試 (OAST)可以發現許多其他不可見的漏洞。Burp Suite Professional 讓一切變得簡單。

像專業人士一樣進行測試 - 使用業界值得信賴的工具包
突破Web 安全測試的界限 - 首先從PortSwigger Research的工作中受益。頻繁發布使您保持領先地位。

受益於由專業測試人員設計和使用的工具包。項目文件等生產力功能 - 以及強大的搜索功能 - 提高了效率和可靠性。


作為 Burp Suite Professional 龐大的全球用戶社區的成員,訪問大量建議和數百個預先編寫的BApp 擴展。

強大的 API 使您可以訪問核心 Burp Suite Professional 功能。使用它來創建您自己的擴展 - 並與現有工具集成。

無論您更喜歡在黑暗模式下工作還是想要使用自定義掃描配置,我們都能滿足您的需求。Burp Suite Professional 是定制的。


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