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ARCON 3D Architect 建築設計軟體

ARCON 3D Architect 建築設計軟體

  • ARCON 3D Architect 建築設計軟體
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    您是否是建築師、室內設計師或者家庭改良者,ARCON 3D建築師在photorealistic 3D讓您計劃,設計和形象化您創造性的想法。在第2個建築方式,簡單地安置您的元素像牆壁、門、窗口,屋頂等並且看見這些在一個交互式3D環境裡來到生活。引起被回報的圖像看構造,點燃和遮蔽的作用和為計劃應用保存所有2D/3D圖的高質量圖像適當。得到完善的設計和所有為創作夢想家庭。
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ARCON 3D Architect 建築設計軟體

您是否是建築師、室內設計師或者家庭改良者,ARCON 3D建築師在photorealistic 3D讓您計劃,設計和形象化您創造性的想法。在第2個建築方式,簡單地安置您的元素像牆壁、門、窗口,屋頂等並且看見這些在一個交互式3D環境裡來到生活。引起被回報的圖像看構造,點燃和遮蔽的作用和為計劃應用保存所有2D/3D圖的高質量圖像適當。得到完善的設計和所有為創作夢想家庭。
Whether you’re an architect, interior designer or home improver, ARCON 3D Architect lets you plan, design and visualise your creative ideas in photorealistic 3D. In 2D construction mode, simply place your elements like walls, doors, windows, roofs etc and see these come to life in an interactive 3D environment. Generate rendered images to see the effects of texturing, lighting and shading and save high quality images of any 2D/3D view suitable for planning application. All to get the perfect design for that dream home creation.
Some of the great features include:
· Build your Conservatory using pre-defined segments and construction elements/accessories, a 3D model of a conservatory can be built in no time. No CAD knowledge required* Easy to use tools for planning and designing
· 2D plans to 3D models in a single click
· Brief architects and planners with advanced export functions
· Create professional drawings suitable for planning application Creative Lines
· Drag and Drop construction elements
· Produce room layouts quickly using planner
· Mark out and model a building area with landscaping tools
· Add cavity wall details to your plan
· Generate elevations automatically from 2D plan
· Create split level buildings and loft conversions
· Produce complex roof structures
· Supports metric and imperial measurements
· Create multiple buildings and replicate designs
· Powerful measuring and ruler tools
· Automatic and manual dimensioning including height and angle
· Pre-defined title blocks
· Design windows and doors to your own specification
· Advanced tools for editing walls
· Balconies and railing editor
· View in 2D and 3D simultaneously
· 3D walk through function to move into completed projects
· Examine your room in detail by cutting through 2D and 3D section views
· 7,200 objects and 1,300 textures to apply to your project
· Create tiled areas on wall and floor
· Includes home/garden objects & textures
· Superimpose image of building plot
· Block and Modeller feature to create additional shaped objects not found in the catalogue
· Any 3D view can be rendered to see the effect of lighting and shadows
· Import as 2D DXF/DWG, 3DS
· Export as 2D DXF, 3DS

Citrin 統計繪圖軟體

Worksheets are Aabel's data storage mechanism, and provide numerous data management functions and utilities. They also act as dynamic data sources for data analysis and visualization. 


Citrin  統計繪圖軟體
Citrin  統計繪圖軟體

Dundas Dashbord 圖表開發工具


Dundas Dashbord 圖表開發工具
Dundas Dashbord 圖表開發工具

Global Mapper 17 地圖繪製軟體

GlobalMapper是一個可以查看和打印各類地圖圖形文件的軟體,可以利用全球情报系统(GIS) 信息资源。瀏覽、合成、輸入、輸出大部分流行的掃描點陣圖、等高線、矢量數據集的軟件,它可以編輯、轉換、列印各類地圖圖形文件,可以利用全球情報系統(GIS)信息資源。它可以轉換數據集的投影方式以符合你的項目的座標系統,並可以同時對數據集的範圍進行裁剪。它還提供距離和面積計算,光柵混合、對比度調節、海拔高度查詢、視線計算,以及一些高級功能,如圖像校正、通過地表數據進行輪廓生成、通過地表數據觀察分水嶺、對3Dpoint數據轉換為三角多邊形和網格化等。通過內建的腳本語言或眾多的批處理轉換選項能夠高效地完成重複性任務


Global Mapper 17 地圖繪製軟體
Global Mapper 17 地圖繪製軟體




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