3D Architect Home Designer Pro 建築設計軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

3D Architect Home Designer Pro 建築設計軟體

3D Architect Home Designer Pro 建築設計軟體

  • 3D Architect Home Designer Pro 建築設計軟體
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    適用於希望為其客戶設計建築項目的建築商的軟件。為規劃提交應用程序和符合建築法規的圖紙生成按比例縮放的準確房屋平面圖、立面圖、施工圖和 3D 可視化。
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3D Architect Home Designer Pro Architectural Design Software 

As the construction market continues to be competitive, many building professionals need the tools to ensure they can keep costs down and win over clients. 3D Architect Home Designer Pro has been created with the demands of developers, builders, designers and construction companies in mind.

• Extensive toolset for creating house plans fast
• Create detailed drawing sets for planning   applications
• Fully customisable items including walls, windows,
  doors,skylights, roofs, furnishing objects
• Create multi-layered walls including cavity walls
• Merge multiple roofs to produce complex structures
• Make changes to your design quickly with easy-to-
   use editing tools
• Quick start guides, video tutorials, help system,
   FAQ's and detailed reference manuals
• No subscription fee or recurring payment, just
   a one-time purchase
• Dedicated after sales team ready to assist with
• handy tips or help via phone, email, web chat
• Install software on up to 2 computers
• Instant digital delivery by email


System Requirements 

Windows® 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i3 or equivalent processors
Memory: 2 GB
Free hard disk space approx. 1.2 GB
Graphics card: 32-bit color depth with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels
Supplied by digital download. (approx 1 GB)
PDF manuals included
Are your products Mac compatible?

Arcon Evo and 3D Architect Home Designer are Windows applications but we have many customers successfully running these on a Mac. If you would like to try and run our home design software on your Mac then you will need to have either Parallels or Bootcamp and Windows installed. Please take a look at Parallels Desktop, a fast, easy and powerful application for running Windows on your Mac without rebooting. See https://www.parallels.com where you can download a trial version.

3D Architect Home Designer Pro 建築設計軟體 

隨著建築市場的持續競爭,許多建築專業人士需要工具來確保他們能夠降低成本並贏得客戶。3D Architect Home Designer Pro 的創建考慮了開發商、建築商、設計師和建築公司的需求。

• 用於快速創建房屋計劃的廣泛工具集
• 為規劃應用程序創建詳細的圖紙集
• 完全可定制的項目,包括牆壁、窗戶、門、天窗、屋頂、    家具
• 創建多層牆,包括空心牆
• 合併多個屋頂以產生復雜的結構
• 使用易於使用的編輯工具快速更改您的設計
• 快速入門指南、視頻教程、幫助系統、常見問題解答和詳  細參考手冊
• 無需訂閱費或定期付款,只需一次性購買
• 專門的售後服務團隊隨時準備通過電話、電子郵件、網絡
• 聊天提供方便的提示或幫助
• 在最多 2 台計算機上安裝軟件
• 通過電子郵件即時數字交付



Pro/ENGINEER 儼然已成 3D 產品設計的標準,這個業界頂尖的產能工具,不但有助於落實最佳設計工作模式,還能確實達到業界與公司標準。參數化的 3D CAD/CAM/CAE 整合解決方案讓您能以遠遠超越以往的速度進行設計工作,將創意和品質發揮到極致,最終達成建立高品質產品的目標。


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