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Crime Zone 犯罪現場模擬軟體

Crime Zone 犯罪現場模擬軟體

  • Crime Zone 犯罪現場模擬軟體
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Crime Zone 犯罪現場模擬軟體

For nearly 20 years, The Crime Zone software has been the best choice for investigators and law enforcement officers who need to draw crime scene diagrams! It's easy to draw accurate, realistic, 2D and 3D views of any crime scene that are ideal for courtroom presentations. Now you can put your 2D and 3D diagrams in motion with the new Easy Animation Tools! To help you get started fast, The Crime Zone includes a printed User's Manual, comprehensive electronic help, and a CD full of training movies. There is no annual maintenance fee and Technical Support is always free!

Drag and drop the pre-drawn symbols into place to show furniture,
appliances, trees, vehicles, weapons, clothing, and more.
You can create an accurate crime scene diagram in minutes!
Only The Crime Zone has tools like our unique Body Poser for exactly posing body symbols and our Easy Builder for auto- matically drawing complex building floor plans. The Easy Animation Tools let you set your diagrams in motion! 

Completely Accurate - Your crime scene drawings are always as accurate as the measurements you take at the scene. The Crime Zone is a true, vector-based program that stores measurements and performs mathematical computations to 16 place accuracy. It's also ideal for forensic mapping because you can import measurements from total stations and other laser measurement devices, photogrammetry, or enter them manually. 
Widely Accepted for Courtroom Exhibits! Crime Scene Investigators know that an accurate diagram of the scene can make all the difference in their case. Thousands of police officers and Crime Scene investigators have used diagrams and animations created with The Crime Zone and The Crash Zone in their courtroom presentations.

     It's easy and fast to create crime scene diagrams!       
Easy to Learn - Unique toolboxes and "Wizards" let you draw building outlines, draw 3D stairs and ramps, and create complex streets and intersections with just a few clicks.Only The Crime Zone has them! More than 70 training movies are included that show you exactly how to draw!
Powerful Drawing Tools - The Crime Zone includes all the drawing and editing commands you need to construct a 2D/3D diagram, whether it's a simple sketch or a complex reconstruction. It also includes more than 100 custom line types and thousands of pre-drawn symbols of items you will find at a crime site, including vehicles, bodies, weapons, furniture, doors, windows clothing, trees, shrubs, street lights, weapons, animals, and more.
Import Photos - Bring in geo-referenced images from Google Earth®, TerraServerUSA®, or other aerial photographs to use as a background or to trace over. Import photographs from digital cameras in .bmp, .jpg, or .wmf formats. Place photos anywhere in your diagrams to show evidence, buildings, and more. Use digital images as a background or to show a vertical surface in a 3D view, such as a road sign or the front of a building.
Easy Animations! Now you can put your 2D and 3D crime scene diagrams in motion using The Crime Zone’s new 3D Animation Tools. Just draw the path of the object that you want to put in motion, based on the measurements you took at the scene. Place Key Event Points to show changes in the vehicle’s velocity and rotation, then watch it move. You can use animations to show the motion of any symbol, such as a bullet trajectory or a vehicle crash. It’s the easiest way to create accurate animations of crime and crash scenes!

Compatible With Laser Devices -Import measurement data from Laser Technology systems and most total stations made by Topcon, Sokkia, Nikon, Leica and more. For even faster drawings, use The Pocket Zone data collection software to capture all your measurements at the scene! Pocket Zone lets you use your Pocket PC to collect measurements directly from your total station or Laser Technology device and generate your drawing at the site. When doing forensic mapping, you will be able to leave the scene confident that you have accurately measured and recorded every point. 

  Accurate 3D diagrams with just a few mouse clicks!   

One Click 3D! With just one mouse click you can see your scene in 3D and view it from any side! Create your crime scene drawing in a 2D plane, where it's easy to draw, and the complex 3D scene is created for you in the background. If you want to do more, use the 3D tools to change the elevation of objects, show signs and evidence on walls, align vehicles to sloped roadways, construct bullet trajectories, and create complex 3D surfaces. The 3D drawing is accurate and realistic!
Amazing 2D/3D Body Poser - The unique Body Poser toolbox lets you give a body exactly the right pose in 2D and in 3D drawings. Just point and click to select gender, height, and a basic pose, such as running or sitting. Drag each joint and limb to the desired position and then change skin color and clothes color to match the scene. You can even save poses to use them again later!

Training Widely Available! Training courses are available at colleges and institutes across North America, including The IPTM, Henry Lee Institute, Ontario Police College, Fox Valley College, UC Riverside, and many more. Visit our Training Web Site to find trainers near you and see a list of upcoming classes. Click to learn more. 

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