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SuperLab 心理實驗軟體

SuperLab 心理實驗軟體

  • SuperLab 心理實驗軟體
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SuperLab 心理實驗軟體

SuperLab 4.0 is the stimulus presentation software for Mac OS X (10.3.9 or later) and Windows XP/2000.  In development for almost five years, the new SuperLab 4.0 introduces a host of new features, including:
  •   Playing movies
  •   Stimulus lists
  •   Support for JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF files
  •   Built-in support for RSVP and self-paced reading
  •   Improved support for fMRI and EEG/ERP
  •   Trial variables
  •   Conditional branching (if/then/else)
  •   Multiple input devices in the same experiment



Stimuli Lists Example: if you need to present 150 words or picture files, you can now create a stimulus list and then create a single event that uses that list, rather then create and edit 150 separate events.
Movies QuickTime movies on the Mac, AVI and MPG movies in Windows
Note: At this point, there is no guarantee that SuperLab 4.0 will achieve decent timing while a movie is playing.
Trial Variables This feature allows you to vary several aspects of an experiment, e.g. vary the duration of a time limit for an event, or present a picture at one of 4 different positions picked at random or in order (instead of having to create 4 separate events).
Event Randomization Previous versions allowed the randomizing of trials within an event.  You can now randomize events within a trial as well.
String Input Subjects can now type entire sentences instead of single keys
RSVP Support Built-in support for Rapid Serial Visual Presentation paradigm
Self-Paced Reading Support Built-in support for self-paced reading
Support for Key Release A response can now be the release of a key rather than the pressing of a key
Support for Go/No-Go Experiments A correct response can now be "None, the participant must not respond"
Support for Between Subject Designs The new Participant Groups feature makes it easier to handle between subject designs.
Conditional Branching You can now alter the path of an experiment
fMRI Support Trials can now be presented at precise intervals
ERP/EEG Support An experiment can now be paused instead of canceled, and special "events" can be triggered when the experiment starts, pauses, resumes, or ends.  For example, this makes it possible to start and stop the recording of ERP data automatically.
Unicode Support It is now as easy to develop experiments in Asian and other international languages as it is to do so in English

E-Prime 3.0 心理學實驗軟體

E-Prime 3.0為研究人員提供了許多新功能,以便比以前更快地設計他們的實驗。 E-Prime始終保持一個易於使用的界面,幾乎不需要腳本。新的拖放子對象甚至進一步消除了對高級實驗設計,如按鈕和滑塊使用腳本的需要!其他補充包括,更新的界面,幻燈片佈局模板,在線實驗庫和有用的調試工具。


E-Prime 3.0 心理學實驗軟體
E-Prime 3.0 心理學實驗軟體

Mindmanager 心智圖軟體

The new MindManager 2018 for Windows® See everything. Share everywhere. Achieve ANYTHING. With groundbreaking new ways to visually capture, process and share knowledge, it’s the most robust, powerful MindManager version yet — enabling you to think more clearly, work faster and get more done than ever before.


Mindmanager  心智圖軟體
Mindmanager  心智圖軟體

SuperLab 心理實驗軟體



SuperLab 心理實驗軟體
SuperLab 心理實驗軟體




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