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EditPlus 5.4 文字編輯軟體

EditPlus 5.4 文字編輯軟體

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    EditPlus是一個內置FTP(也是FTPS)和sftp功能的Windows 文本編輯器。雖然它可以作為一個很好的記事本更換,它還為網頁作者和程序員提供了許多強大的功能。 HTML,PHP,Java,C / C ++,CSS,ASP,Perl,JavaScript,VBScript,Python和Ruby on Rails的語法突出顯示。此外,它可以擴展為基於自定義語法文件的其他編程語言。 用於預覽HTML頁面的無縫Web瀏覽器以及將本地文件上傳到FTP服務器的FTP(也稱為sftp和FTPS)功能。 其他功能包括Hex Viewer,HTML工具欄,用戶工具,行號,標尺,URL高亮顯示,自動完成,cliptext,列選擇,強大的搜索和替換,多個撤消/重做,拼寫檢查,可自定義的鍵盤快捷鍵等。
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EditPlus 5.4 Text Editing Software

new Features
• Allows using Git command-line tools instead of TortoiseGit.
• Adds Git submenu to directory window popup menu.
• sftp adds support for 'diffie-hellman-group14-sha256' key
  exchange algorithm.
• Experimental supports for Edge as an integrated browser
  (Reguires WebView2 Runtime).
• Document windows now adjust sizes when main window
   size changes.
• 'Pre-run' option for user tools ('Preferences'->'User tools').
• Find/Replace dialog box adds 'Occurrences' button to show
  the number of occurrences.
• Adds 'JSON Unescape' menu command ('Edit'->'Utilities').
• 'URL Encode' command now support both selective and
   entire encodings.
• 'FTP Upload' command now supports uploading remote
   files too.
• Supports uploading a directory from the Directory Window.
• Adds 'To end of file' for 'Replace all range' option.
• Adds 'Capture output (new document)' action for user tools.
• Supports 'Command Prompt' menu command on the
  Directory Window.
• 'Paste with Filter' menu command for converting clipboard
   text with regular expression ('Edit'->'Clipboard').
• Find in Files dialog box allows environment variables in
  Folders input box.
• Supports a separate toolbar state for maximized app window.
• Adds a toolbar button for 'Copy Full Path' command.
• Adds 'Enable Text Service Framework' option ('Preferences'->'
• Shows clipboard error on StatusBar rather than popup
  message box.
• Updates php.stx file.

Bug fixes
Fixes slowdown of sftp transfer speed in recent versions.
Fixes an sftp issue that could produce 'Invalid Packet Size' error with some servers.
Fixes an issue where sftp download could cause program crash in some cases.
Fixes an issue where FTP feature couldn't handle IPv6 addresses.
Fixes an issue where 'Paste as Column' command didn't work as expected.
Fixes occasional 'Cannot open clipboard' error when playing back keystroke recording.
Fixes an issue where 'Send PWD after each interval' option could block keyboard input for a few seconds.
Fixes an issue where 'Subdirectory' option in the FTP Settings didn't work correctly in the directory window.
Fixes an issue where FTP feature could not correctly parse some Windows servers.
Fixes an issue where FTP feature could show an error message when closing EditPlus window.
• Fixes an issue where 'Insert spaces instead of tab' option didn't    work correctly with variable-width fonts.
• Fixes an issue where drag and drop selected text could cause
  program crash.
• Fixes an issue where file type detection based on first line of file
  didn't work with remote files.
• Fixes an issue where 'View in Browser' on php files could display
  blank screen in some occasions.
• Fixes an issue where Open Filter didn't work correctly with
  binary files.
• Fixes an issue where $(CurSel) argument macro could cause
  program crash.
• Fixes an issue where $(FileDir) argument macro could cause
  user tool fail to launch.
• Fixes an issue where Find in Files with 'In a New Document'
  option could cause program crash.
• Fixes an issue where 'Insert matching tag automatically' option   
  could incorrectly delete closing bracket.
• Fixes an issue where 'Ansi to HTML Entity' didn't work correctly
  in some occasions.
• Fixes an issue where 'Character Count' command could show
  wrong results in Unix files.
• Fixes an issue where word wrap didn't work properly with
  'Wrap after format column number' option turned on.
• Fixes an issue where floating side bar sizes and positions were
  not restored correctly.
• Fixes an issue where floating Output Window could lose its
  position and size between sessions.
• Fixes an issue that could make side panels disappear when
  restoring from minimized state.
• Fixes an issue that could make toolbar buttons invisible in
  vertically docked toolbars.
• Fixes an issue where 'Remove' button on the Upload dialog
  box didn't work correctly.
• Fixes an issue where the regex dropdown menu on the
  Replace dialog box was outdated.
• Adjusts toolbar paddings on high DPI displays.

Main Functions
By default, EditPlus supports powerful and customizable syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C / C ++, Java, JavaScript and VBScript. In addition, you can create your own syntax files to support other programming languages.
Internet Access
A seamless Web browser that allows you to preview the content of HTML files or Java applets without leaving the editor. The browser window also features common browser commands, so you can browse Internet sites as well as local HTML files.
FTP (also including sftp and FTPS) functionality allows you to upload local files to an FTP server or edit remote files directly.
Highlight URLs and email addresses in regular text files and allow you to activate them with a single keystroke (F8) or "Ctrl + double click".

Hexadecimal viewer
The hexadecimal viewer allows you to display the current file in hexadecimal mode. You can use one command to switch back and forth between the normal editing window and the hexadecimal viewer.
Code Folders
EditPlus supports quick and easy code folding based on line
indentation. You can hide or display lines of code with an
indentation level.

HTML Toolbox
The HTML toolbar allows you to quickly and easily insert common
HTML tags. It also supports useful tools such as HTML color picker,
character picker, table builder and object picker.

Document Selector
“The "Document Selector" provides quick mouse access to all currently loaded document windows. It is much faster than selecting from the
Window menu or pressing Ctrl + Tab multiple times.

User Tools
EditPlus supports user-defined tools that help document and keystroke log files. The output performed by the tool can be captured in the Output Window, so you can double-click on the wrong line to automatically load the file and position the cursor to that line.
Automatic completion
Autocomplete is a time-saving feature that changes short abbreviations to full strings. By default, it supports Perl and C / C ++. In addition, you can create your own autocomplete files to support other programming languages.
Cliptext window
cliptext window is a collection of text clips for quick and easy access. You can easily customize them and also create your own cliptext files.
Document Template
When creating a new document, the document template provides a quick start.
Other Functions
Line numbering, ruler, column selection, powerful search and replace, multiple undo/redo, spell checker, customizable keyboard shortcuts,



Windows 7/8/8.1/10

EditPlus 5.4 文字編輯軟體

• 允許使用Git命令行工具代替TortoiseGit。
• 將Git子菜單添加到目錄窗口彈出菜單。
• sftp添加了對“ diffie-hellman-group14-sha256”密鑰交換算法
​​​  ​​​​的支持。
• 對Edge作為集成瀏覽器的實驗性支持(要求WebView2 Runtime)。
• 現在,當主窗口大小更改時,文檔窗口會調整大小。
• 用戶工具的“運行前”選項(“首選項”->“用戶工具”)。
• “查找/替換”對話框添加了“出現次數”按鈕以顯示出現次數。
• 添加了“ JSON Unescape”菜單命令(“編輯”->“實用工具”)。
• “ URL編碼”
• “ FTP上傳”命令現在也支持上傳遠程文件。
• 支持從目錄窗口上載目錄。
• 為“替換所有範圍”選項添加了“到文件末尾”。
• 為用戶工具添加了“捕獲輸出(新文檔)”操作。
• 支持目錄窗口中的“命令提示符”菜單命令。
• “帶有過濾器粘貼”菜單命令,用於轉換帶有正則表達式的剪貼板文本
• “在文件中查找”對話框允許在“文件夾”輸入框中輸入環境變量。
• 支持單獨的工具欄狀態,以最大化應用程序窗口。
• 為“複製完整路徑”命令添加了工具欄按鈕。
• 添加“
• 在StatusBar而不是彈出消息框中顯示剪貼板錯誤。
• 更新php.stx文件。

• 修復了最新版本中sftp傳輸速度降低的問題。
• 修復了某些服務器可能會產生無效數據包大小”錯誤的sftp問題。
• 修復了sftp下載在某些情況下可能導致程序崩潰的問題。
• 修復了FTP功能無法處理IPv6地址的問題。
• 修復了按列粘貼命令無法按預期工作的問題。
• 修復了回放按鍵錄音時偶爾出現的無法打開剪貼板”錯誤。
• 修復了在每個間隔後發送PWD;選項可能會阻塞鍵盤輸入幾秒鐘的問題。
• 修復了FTP設置中的“子目錄”選項在目錄窗口中無法正常工作的問題。
• 修復了FTP功能無法正確解析某些Windows服務器的問題。
• 修復了關閉EditPlus窗口時FTP功能可能顯示錯誤消息的問題。
• 修復了可變寬度字體不能正確使用插入空格而不是製表符選項的問題。
• 修復了拖放所選文本可能導致程序崩潰的問題。
• 修復了基於文件第一行的文件類型檢測不適用於遠程文件的問題。
• 修復了在某些情況下php文件上的“在瀏覽器中查看”可能顯示空白
​​ ​​​​​  屏幕的問題。
• 修復了打開過濾器無法正確處理二進製文件的問題。
• 修復了$(CurSel)參數宏可能導致程序崩潰的問題。
• 修復了$(FileDir)參數宏可能導致用戶工具無法啟動的問題。
• 修復了“在“新文檔中”選項中查找文件”可能導致程序崩潰的問題。
• 修復了“自動插入匹配標籤”選項可能會錯誤地刪除右括號的問題。
• 修復了“ Ansi to HTML Entity”在某些情況下無法正常工作的問題。
• 修復了“字符計數”命令在Unix文件中可能顯示錯誤結果的問題。
• 修復了自動換行功能不適用於“
• 修復了浮動側欄的大小和位置未正確還原的問題。
• 修復了浮動的“輸出窗口”可能在會話之間丟失其位置和大小的問題。
• 修復了從最小狀態還原時可能使側面板消失的問題。
• 修復了使工具欄按鈕在垂直停靠的工具欄中不可見的問題。
• 修復了“上載”對話框上的“刪除”按鈕無法正常工作的問題。
• 修復了“替換”對話框上的正則表達式下拉菜單過時的問題。
• 調整高DPI顯示屏上的工具欄填充。

語法缺省情況下,EditPlus支持針對HTML,CSS,PHP,ASP,Perl,C / C ++,Java,JavaScript和VBScript的強大且可自定義的語法突出顯示。另外,您可以創建自己的語法文件以支持其他編程語言。
無縫的Web瀏覽器,無需離開編輯器即可預覽HTML文檔或Java applet的內容。瀏覽器窗口還具有常用的瀏覽器命令,因此您可以瀏覽Internet網站以及本地HTML文件。
突出顯示普通文本文件中的URL和電子郵件地址,並允許您通過一次擊鍵(F8)或“ Ctrl +雙擊”來激活它們。

“文檔選擇器”提供了對當前加載的所有文檔窗口的快速鼠標訪問。比在“窗口”菜單上選擇或多次按Ctrl + Tab鍵快得多。
自動完成是一種節省時間的功能,可將簡短的縮寫更改為完整的字符串。默認情況下,它支持Perl和C / C ++。另外,您可以創建自己的自動完成文件以支持其他編程語言。

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