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Navicat 17 資料庫管理工具

Navicat 17 資料庫管理工具

  • Navicat 17 資料庫管理工具
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    Navicat Premium是一個數據庫開發工具,可讓您從單個應用程序同時連接到MySQL,MariaDB,MongoDB,SQL Server,Oracle,PostgreSQL和SQLite數據庫。與Amazon RDS,Amazon Aurora,Amazon Redshift,Microsoft Azure,Oracle Cloud,Google Cloud和MongoDB Atlas等雲數據庫兼容。您可以快速輕鬆地構建、管理和維護數據庫。
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Navicat 17 Database Administration tool

Navicat 17 帶有許多改進和功能來滿足您的數據庫開發需求。擁有超過 100 項增強功能和全新的界面 - Navicat 為您提供構建、管理和維護數據庫的新方法。

Latest version is as follows
Navicat Premium (Windows) version 16.3.3
Navicat Premium (macOS) version 16.3.4
Navicat Premium (Linux) version 16.3.3

New Features in Navicat 16

Brand New Design

Navicat 16 introduces a number of UI/UX improvements over its predecessor. We have focused on providing expert UX design to improve the usability and accessibility. So you can accomplish complex tasks faster than ever before.

Reliable data generation
Our new data generation tool provides a comprehensive range of functions to generate a large volume of quality testing data. You can rapidly create realistic data sets with referential integrity based on business rules and constraints.

Work better together as a team

A new approach for resolving conflict files is released in our cloud solutions. You can now discard the server file and keep your file, discard your copy without saving changes, or rename your copy to keep both files.

Present your data more effectively.
More chart types and new functions are included in our smart Charts tool. Connect to any data source of your choice such as from Excel, Access, or ODBC. You can also extend your data with customized fields by changing field types, concatenating fields, mapping values or sorting based on another field order. Explore our standalone Navicat Charts Creator.

Other improvements to maximize your performance.

Connection Profile
Configure multiple profiles for out-of-office users who may need to switch between settings depending on the current location of the device you are using.

Value Picker
We have fully rewritten our filtering feature that embeds an intuitive panel for selecting values from a list, or inputting possible value to further limit the data in the exact way you want.

Query Summary
Get a detailed summary of each SQL statement. It is an easy to read, one page summary for the health and performance of your queries with a shortcut to jump over to the potential errors.

Field Information
Give you a quick view of column characteristics. Help you to get information between columns in Table Viewer with ease.

Navicat 16 is compatible with these latest database versions.
We are so confident in our software's reliability and compatibility that we continue tracking changes to the databases update. We promise to maintain your database and Navicat performing at the highest possible level, thereby ensuring your database administration and development are always interaction and functional.

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System Requirements


Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, Server 2016, Server 2019, Server 2022


macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS 10.15 Catalina, macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS 12 Monterey, macOS 13 Ventura, macOS 14 Sonoma


Debian 9, Debian 10, Debian 11, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04, Fedora 33, Fedora 34, Fedora 35, Linux Mint 19, Linux Mint 20, Linux Mint 21, Deepin 20, KylinOS Desktop 10

Dec 1 2023
Navicat Premium (Windows) version 16.3.3

        Support Huawei Cloud GaussDB Distributed.
        Support enabling or disabling "Detect Data Types" in Import Wizard.
        Support ssh agent using pageant unix mode.

  1. Primary keys were not displayed for PostgreSQL partitioned tables.
  2. Minor bug fixes and improvements.


To upgrade, please visit our Customer Center.

Navicat Premium (Windows) version 16.1.6


  1. Unable to list tables or views in Azure SQL Database connection.
  2. "Cannot open source table" error occurred when using Condition Query in Import Wizard.
  3. Exporting to Excel file was slow.
  4. Minor bug fixes and improvements.


To upgrade, please visit our Customer Center.

Dec 5 2022
Navicat Premium (Windows) version 15.0.29


  1. Failed to transfer large tables.
  2. Real data exported as text when exporting SQLite table to Excel.
  3. Crashed when batch querying tables with FK dependency.
  4. Unknown Internal Error occurred when exporting large amount of data.
  5. SQL Server datetimeoddset column did not display the timezone offset.
  6. Minor bug fixes and improvements.


To upgrade, please visit our Customer Center.

Nov 21 2022
Navicat Premium (Windows) version 16.1.4


  1. 1267 error occurred when clicking the "Users" button.
  2. Unable to connect Azure Database for PostgreSQL with Azure Active Directory Authentication.
  3. Bar chart label display issue.
  4. Unable to export Excel file in some cases.
  5. Hanged when transferring tables.
  6. Unable to connect CockroachDB Serverless.
  7. Minor bug fixes and improvements.


To upgrade, please visit our Customer Center.

Sep 28 2022
Navicat Premium (Windows) version 16.1.3


  1. Unable to connect server using HTTP tunnel in some cases.
  2. Font size issue in Form View.
  3. Unknown Internal Error occurred when adding records in SQL Server Views.
  4. Field size was not retained in SQLite table designer.
  5. Buttons in the lower right corner of the main window were missing in some cases.
  6. Minor bug fixes and improvements.


To upgrade, please visit our Customer Center.

Aug 31 2022
Navicat Premium (Windows) version 16.1.2


  1. Crashed when changing the chart type in some cases.
  2. Hanged when deleting a table in Query Builder.
  3. Text color issue in Dark Mode.
  4. Unable to generate CREATE PROCEDURE SQL in Data Transfer.
  5. Dump Script File feature generated an invalid JSON.
  6. Unable to connect AWS RDS database via SSH.
  7. Backup and Dump SQL File was slow in some cases.
  8. Minor bug fixes and improvements.


To upgrade, please visit our Customer Center.

Aug 16 2022
Navicat Premium (Windows) version 16.1.1


  1. Unable to open the objects in the "Find in Database" window.
  2. The first number of every value in the list was removed in the table filter.
  3. Unknown Internal Error occurred when updating query results in some cases.
  4. Unable to use "Copy As" in View results.
  5. Crashed when opening functions in some cases.
  6. Unknown Internal Error occurred when foreign key selection window popped up.
  7. Unable to open schema in Azure SQL.
  8. Crashed when clicking on the value box in table filter.
  9. Decimal separator issue in SQLite.
  10. Cannot retain the window size and position for existing objects.
  11. Minor bug fixes and improvements.


To upgrade, please visit our Customer Center.

Jul 21 2022
Navicat Premium (Windows) version 16.1.0

Main New Features:

  1. Support OceanBase Community Edition.
  2. Support Trend Line for several chart types.
  3. Support adding On-Prem Server with URI.
  4. Allow skip preview of changes in data sync.
  5. Enhanced responsiveness and performance.
  6. Improved UI/UX.
  7. Minor bug fixes and improvements.


To upgrade, please visit our Customer Center.

Navicat 17 資料庫管理工具

Navicat 17帶有許多改進和功能來滿足您的數據庫
開發需求。擁有超過 100 項增強功能和全新的界面 -
Navicat 為您提供構建、管理和維護數據庫的新方法。

Navicat Premium (Windows) version 16.3.3
Navicat Premium (macOS) version 16.3.4
Navicat Premium (Linux) version 16.3.1

Navicat 16 新功能


相比上一個版本,Navicat 16 帶來了許多 UI/UX 改善。我們致力於提供專業的 UX 設計,以提高可用性和可存取性。因此,你能夠以前所未有的速度完成複雜的工作。




我們的智慧圖表工具中包含更多圖表類型和新功能。連接到你選擇的任何資料來源,如 Excel、Access 或 ODBC。你還可以使用自訂欄位擴展資料:變更欄位類型、串連欄位、對應值或根據其他欄位順序進行排序。探索我們的另一個產品 Navicat Charts Creator。
瀑布圖 龍捲風圖 量表圖




顯示每個 SQL 陳述式的詳細摘要。它是一個易於閱讀的單頁摘要,用於了解査詢的健全狀況和效能,並提供跳至潜在錯誤的捷徑。


Navicat 17 Beta 與這些最新的資料庫版本相容
​​​​​​我們對我們軟體的可靠性和相容性充滿信心,不斷緊貼資料庫更新的變化。我們承諾將你的資料庫和 Navicat 效能保持在最高水平,從而確保你的資料庫管理和開發始終具有互動和功能性。


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