MindMapper 17 心理行為圖像化分析軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

MindMapper 17 心理行為圖像化分析軟體

MindMapper 17 心理行為圖像化分析軟體

  • MindMapper 17 心理行為圖像化分析軟體
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MindMapper is a visual information mapping and communication tool that helps you capture powerful ideas in a visual format. It enhances organizing, reviewing, collaborating, sharing, and communicating, and can help:
  1. Students learn better
  2. Corporations drive projects and tasks faster ()
  3. Organizations easily document and view countless reports and forms
  4. Individuals manage their busy schedules and goals

MindMapper is easy to learn and use, and powerful enough to capture, drive, and share ideas immediately.
Key MindMapper Features Include

·  Mapping and Navigation

MindMapper features 19 different mapping directions, plus 24 branch styles. Topics can be created by pressing the spacebar or by simply typing. And these topics can easily be rearranged by dragging and dropping them. Predefined styles of maps can be used for visual enhancement. Images can be imported from other sources. And legends are available for marking.

·  Communication
Collaborate with others in real-time or delayed-time, using an online collaboration session that’s free for up to 10 users. A dedicated collaboration server can also be deployed for any organizations. Easily invite others to collaboration map by creating a session link. Create, share, and co-edit maps wither others; better yet conduct meetings with clearly defined agendas and goals, or brainstorm ideas to find that eureka moment. You can add hyperlinks or attach files for everyone to share as well.
Some Key Features:
  • Attendee Statistics - shows each user how many topics they've created
  • Split Collaboration Map - off a topic, to create another collaboration map
  • Vote - lets users decide on options in real-time
  • Minutes - creates summary or meeting minutes of the collaboration session in MS Word format
  • Topic Permission - organizer of collaboration session can set read/write permission for each topic
  • Public and Private Chatting - participants can chat with all participants or with just one participant

Each map can also be posted online. You can directly copy and paste HTML code to the website, blog, or bulletin board, or simply create a link to the map. With mobile apps for iOS and Android, maps can be uploaded to Dropbox and synced between the MindMapper desktop and mobile app.

You can export and import maps to different formats to share or present
  • Export: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Project, MS Outlook (tasks), MS OneNote
  • Import: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, MS Outlook (tasks)
  • Save as: JPG, BMP, EMF, GIF, PNG, TIF, PDF, XPS, TXT, RFT, XML, Text based webpage

MindMapper can also be used as presentation tool, using its Presentation mode

·  Management
Projects of any scope can easily be conceived, planned, executed, and completed using MindMapper. Schedule tasks and track completion rate, using its bullt-in Gantt chart. You can also define and assign resources, insert dependency, and export to MS Project.

MindMapper can also be used as a front-end information database or personal knowledge management tool,
  • Hyperlinks – links documents, webpages, and folders
  • Attachments – embeds documents to map file
  • Folder Map – creates a map of the folder structure of the hard drive
  • Extract Topics – filters topics based on conditions

Tasks can be managed more efficiently and in a timely manner in a visual format. The task map can be converted to table format for a more familiar view, or converted to a Kanban board.
·  Learn
Capture text quickly from the Internet or documents using Auto Paste, which automatically inserts highlighted texts from the source to the map. You can easily capture a screen, input an equation or special characters, as well as:
  • Insert Excel sheet or chart
  • Draw Relation or Tie Line to make an association
  • Call out topics using Boundary
  • Make quick notes with Sticky Note
  • Highlight text by turning on the Pen feature

·  Brainstorm and Problem Solve
Conduct a timed brainstorming session, group relevant ideas, and attach them to predefined categories. In addition to the main brainstorming feature, there are seven other types of brainstorming methods built into MindMapper:
  • Radiant association
  • Attribute listing
  • Process planning
  • Cause and effect
  • Backward thinking
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analysis
  • Forced connection

MindMapper’s workspace lets ideas expand, collapse, get organized, and be extracted for simplicity and clear thinking. The process of mapping out your ideas and thoughts will lead to a better grasp of pressing problems, and allows them to be viewed from different angles, which will eventually lead to solutions.




Vensim 8 系統思考分析軟體

起源於美國麻省理工學院的Vensim軟件軟體,是由Ventana公司公司開發,在全球和國內獲得最廣泛使用系統思考分析模組軟體。它具有圖形化的建模方式,並除了具有一般的模型模擬功能外,還具有複合模擬,數組變量,真實性檢驗,靈敏性測試,模型最優化等強大功能.Vensim有Vensim PLE,PLE Plus,Professional和DSS版本,適合不同的使用者。


Vensim 8 系統思考分析軟體
Vensim 8 系統思考分析軟體

MindMapper 17 心理行為圖像化分析軟體



MindMapper 17 心理行為圖像化分析軟體
MindMapper 17 心理行為圖像化分析軟體

NBS (Neurobehavioral Systems) Presentation® 21.1神經科學軟體

Presentation®是神經科學的刺激傳遞和實驗控製程序。它可以在任何Windows PC上運行,並以亞毫秒的時間精度提供聽覺,視覺和多模式刺激。使用fMRI,ERP,MEG,心理物理學,眼動,單神經元記錄,反應時間測量,其他性能測量等,演示功能足以處理幾乎任何行為,心理或生理實驗。 Presentation是世界上最受歡迎的實驗控制軟件,具有94046個註冊和211032次下載,並且可以計數。 Presentation®軟件,一個用於神經科學的精確而強有力的刺激方案呈現和實驗控制系統。


NBS (Neurobehavioral Systems) Presentation® 21.1神經科學軟體
NBS (Neurobehavioral Systems) Presentation® 21.1神經科學軟體




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