Comparion 決策支援分析軟體-研究分析軟體/新永資訊有限公司

Comparion 決策支援分析軟體

Comparion 決策支援分析軟體

  • Comparion 決策支援分析軟體
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    Comparion Core是一個面向決策者的協作式網絡應用。它簡單易用,直觀的工作流程允許團隊定義決策標準並確定潛在的解決方案。 Comparion Core 可以追踪所有參與者的判斷、數據和評論--讓團隊專注於目標、分析和結果。
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Comparion Decision Support Analysis Software

Operating System
Software for critical business decisions
Comparion Core is a collaborative web application for decision makers. It is easy to use.
An intuitive workflow allows teams to define decision criteria and identify potential solutions. Comparion Core tracks the judgment, data, and comments of all participants - allowing teams to focus on goals, analysis, and results. 
Faster decision making and broader input and stakeholder buy-in are among the many benefits of using Comparion Core for project leaders. Combining the expertise and intuition of your team members with the quantitative information from your research allows Comparion Core to generate in-depth analysis and prioritize the factors that are important to your organization. The result is that your team can effectively gain consensus and analyze more alternatives - ultimately feeling more confident as you move from decision to implementation.

Comparion Core's simple workflow
1. Use Comparion to combine your business needs, identify
    specific decision goals, and communicate them clearly to
    all evaluators.Communicate the decision goals clearly to
    all evaluators.
2. Use Companion to set goals and provide the options you
    want to base your Use Companion to set goals and provide
    options for the evaluation you want to conduct based on
    your goals.
3. Use Comparion to leverage the expertise of subject matter
    experts in decision making by assigning them specific roles.
   Assign them specific roles.
4. Use Comparion to collaborate with your team, partners, and
    customers around the world Collaborate with your team,
    partners, and customers around the world in real time or at
    any time to collect their intuitive and hard operational data.
5. Use Comparion to easily aggregate your team's intuitive and
    hard operational data.Generate many "trade-off" and "what if"
   scenarios. Use these results to make better decisions that
   to meet your needs and execute decisions with greater
Functions and Features
• Step-by-step workflow for creating a decision structure.
• No limit to the number of targets and alternatives. Ability to im     port hierarchies from clipboard.
• A variety of measures can be defined, such as: matching, rating    scales, and utility curves. Pairs of Rating scales and utility curves.
• Streamlined navigation and context-sensitive help
• Insert detailed descriptions, support files and images. Use
  stand ard formatting, spell check, and and import formatted
  text from MS Word.

Easy Navigation
• There is no limit to the number of project owners or
• Over 40 customizable parameters to fine-tune each
   participant's experience.
  Or use the built-in default settings to quickly evaluate projects.
• Options include: evaluation method, navigation tool,
   question sequence,Evaluation timeline and view of results.

Collect input
• Easy access from anywhere, anytime with most web browsers
• Simple, web-based interface for project owners and
• Real-time access to group results when participants enter
• Progress monitors to track participant completion
• Share all, some, or none of the results, and participants record
   their judgments

Navigation data
• Calculation based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).
• While maintaining initial judgment results, conduct
   unrestricted sensitivity analysis and"what if" scenarios.
• Easy to use dynamic graphs to evaluate tradeoffs.
• Review inconsistencies in judgment to gain insight into
  participant and team priorities.

Navigation Current Results
• Standard and customizable report output
• Import and export functions with EC11.5 and MS Office®.

Navigational deployment and technical requirements
• Network-based end-to-end applications are now available in
   a secure, expert-selected outsourced facilities of the experts'
• Zero configuration, zero footprint, zero executable files.
   Network Connection
• Any Internet connection will do, but a high-speed connection
   is highly recommended.
   Web Browser
•  MS Windows® (Internet Explorer® 5.x or later)
   Security Configurations
•  Encrypt all Internet traffic (https) through Secure Sockets
    Layer (SSL).

Self-hosted deployment (available upon request)
• Install and deploy Companion Core within the
  client architecture.
• IIS6/7 Asp.Net2.0 framework is required.
• Can be used as an annual license


Deployment and Technical Requirements Software as a Service
• End-to-end web based application available now in Software
   as a Service s secure outsourcing facility
• o executables Internet Connection
• Any Internet connection will work, but high-speed connection
  strongly recomme nded Web Browser
• MS Windows® (Internet Explorer® 5.x or newer) • e Sockets
  Layer (SSL) Self-Host Deployment


Comparion 決策支援分析軟體

Comparion Core是一個面向決策者的協作式網絡應用。它簡單易用,
直觀的工作流程允許團隊定義決策標準並確定潛在的解決方案。 Comparion Core 可以追踪所有參與者的判斷、數據和評論--讓團隊專注於目標、分析和結果。 
更快的決策和更廣泛的投入以及利益相關者的同意是項目負責人使用Comparion Core的眾多好處之一。將您的團隊成員的專業知識和直覺與您的研究中的定量信息相結合,使 Comparion Core 能夠產生深入的分析,並優先考慮對您的組織重要的因素。結果是,您的團隊可以有效地獲得共識,並分析更多的備選方案 - 最終在您從決策到實施的過程中感到更加自信。 

Comparion Core 的簡單工作流程
   生成許多 "權衡 "和 "如果 "的方案。使用這些結果來做出更好的決策,
• 創建決策結構的分步工作流程。
• 對目標和備選方案的數量沒有限制。能夠從剪貼板導入層次結構。
• 可定義多種測量方法,如:配對、評級量表和效用曲線。成對的,
• 精簡的導航和上下文敏感的幫助
• 插入詳細的描述,支持文件和圖像。使用標準格式,拼寫檢查,
  並從MS Word導入格式化的文本。

• 對項目業主或參與者的數量沒有限制。
• 超過40個可定制的參數來微調每個參與者的體驗,
• 選項包括:評價方法、導航工具、問題順序、

• 隨時隨地使用大多數網絡瀏覽器輕鬆訪問
• 簡單的、基於網絡的界面,供項目所有者和參與者使用。
• 當參與者輸入結果時,可實時訪問小組結果
• 進度監測器,以跟踪參與人的完成情況
• 分享全部、部分或不分享結果,參與者記錄判斷結果

• 基於分析層次過程(AHP)的計算。
• 在保持初步判斷結果的同時,進行無限制的敏感性分析和
   "如果 "方案。
• 易於使用的動態圖形來評估權衡方案。
• 審查判斷中的不一致之處,以深入了解參與者和團隊的優先事項。

• 標準和可定制的報告輸出
• 具有EC11.5和MS Office®的導入和導出功能。

• 基於網絡的端到端應用,現在可在專家選擇的安全
• 零配置、零足跡、零可執行文件。
• 任何互聯網連接都可以,但強烈建議使用高速連接。
•  MS Windows® (Internet Explorer® 5.x或更新版本)
•  通過安全套接字層(SSL)對所有互聯網流量(https)進行加密。

• 在客戶架構內安裝和部署Comparion Core。
• 需要IIS6/7 Asp.Net2.0框架。
• 可作為年度許可證使用

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