DADiSP (pronounced day-disp) 數據處理分析軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

DADiSP (pronounced day-disp) 數據處理分析軟體

DADiSP (pronounced day-disp) 數據處理分析軟體

  • DADiSP (pronounced day-disp) 數據處理分析軟體
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    數據處理與分析軟體。DADiSP軟體在全球已被廣泛應用於數據分析、數據管理、圖形信號處理、統計分析、測試和測量、實驗假設測試、質量管理、過程監 視、生理學實驗、噪聲和振動分析、雷達和聲納信號分析、通訊語音分析、醫學研究和圖像處理等領域。
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DADiSP (pronounced day-disp) 

DADiSP Makes Complex Data Analysis Faster and Easier
DADiSP (pronounced day-disp) is an interactive graphics worksheet -- a visually oriented software package for the display, management, analysis and presentation of scientific and technical data. If you collect, manipulate, edit, reduce, transform, display or analyze data, DADiSP can handle and simplify your data needs. In short, if you work with technical data, DADiSP is for you.
With DADiSP you can acquire, input and even generate sample data, displaying the results in multiple windows for immediate graphic comparison. You can reduce and transform data, using any of hundreds of menu-driven analysis functions, instantly graphing the results of each stage of your work. DADiSP doesn't require mastering any programming skills or arcane command sets. DADiSP was designed to let you perform data analysis the way you think about data analysis.
DADiSP's Unique Worksheet Approach Puts an End to Programming
A DADiSP worksheet is comprised of as many analysis windows as you need. Each window can contain either raw data, or data transformed by one of DADiSP's many analysis functions, shown as a graph or a table. The data and graphs in each DADiSP window can be related through formulas to those in other windows, permitting you to define your own analysis chain without programming. When new data is loaded into the raw data windows, dependent windows automatically recalculate and update.
DADiSP Brings Your Data to Life... Graphically
DADiSP enables you to look at your data from different points of view. View data as a line graph, a scatter plot, a stick chart, a bar chart, a waterfall plot, a 3-D plot, 4-D colonization or as a basic table of numbers. With DADiSP, you can dynamically scroll, expand or compress your data in any direction. Zoom in on a region of interest, add grids, include scales and engineering units. View your data in whatever colors you wish, overlay one graph with another, and another, and another -- as many overlays as you wish, in as many graph styles as you wish -- the possibilities are endless. Comparing different views of your data couldn't be easier.
Powerful Enough to Meet All Your Needs
From data input and acquisition, to analysis and display, to reduction and manipulation, to transformation and what-if simulations, to publication-quality output for journals, reports and presentations. DADiSP does it all! 

With over 1000 powerful functions including mathematics, statistics, Fourier analysis, matrix manipulation, 2-D, 3-D, 4-D and technical graphics, DADiSP has everything you need to do your job simpler, faster and better from start to finish. To further extend the capability of DADiSP into application specific areas, check out our series of powerful plug-in modules. 
With tens of thousands of commercial and academic users worldwide, you're in good company with DADiSP.
Quality Graphics for Presentation Reports
DADiSP gives you publication quality graphics and text output on a wide variety of printers and plotters. Text and graphic annotation can be added to any plot to professionalize its presentation and to improve its interpretation. Plot directly to your printer or transfer a DADiSP window or complete worksheet into your favorite desktop publishing package with DADiSP's state-of-the-art image rendering capabilities.                                                            
Capture Data From Any Source
DADiSP automatically captures data generated by most laboratory instruments and test and measurement equipment, making your data available for immediate graphic display and analysis.
Let DADiSP help you take control of automated test and measurement equipment, or even production equipment. DADiSP is ideal for quality management and factory monitoring applications.
SPL (Series Programming Language)
A C/C++ like programming language, SPL, is designed to address the special needs, routines, and customization of the engineer, programmer, or OEM. SPL provides all the standard programming facilities including user-defined functions, looping and iteration, conditional statements, array references and variables. SPL also supports the unique and powerful feature called "Hot Variables". Change the value of a Hot Variable, and all variables that depend on it automatically update.
The Windows version supports ActiveX as a client or server, allowing bidirectional exchange of ASCII or binary data. DADiSP Worksheets can be embedded into any ActiveX aware application such as Excel or Word. DADiSP Worksheets can be emailed to colleagues and displayed on Web sites using standard Web browsers.
Completely Customizable and Extendible
DADiSP allows you to create your own analysis functions with SPL and DADiSP Macros, build your own analysis programs with DADiSP Worksheets, run your favorite external programs from the DADiSP environment, and set up your own standard procedures through DADiSP scripts. Create your own pop-up menus with the DADiSP Pop-up Menu Toolkit. With DADiSP you can set up your application once so that others can handle routine tasks for you. Engineers and OEM's can integrate DADiSP with their own or other hardware and software using ActiveX and SPL.
You Choose the Computer
The latest release of DADiSP supports Windows 9x/2K/NT/XP/Vista operating systems. Classic versions of DADiSP are available under X-Windows Motif on workstations from Sun, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Digital Equipment, NeXT, SGI Concurrent and others.


數據處理與分析軟體。DADiSP軟體在全球已被廣泛應用於數據分析、數據管理、圖形信號處理、統計分析、測試和測量、實驗假設測試、質量管理、過程監 視、生理學實驗、噪聲和振動分析、雷達和聲納信號分析、通訊語音分析、醫學研究和圖像處理等領域。DADiSP軟體為一套專業的數位信號分析處理軟體,可 以在一個螢幕上顯示一個或多個窗口,並在窗口中顯示多個通道的數據或圖形,最多可以打開99個窗口。在窗口中讀入相應的數據後,就可以立即使用多達五百多 種數位信號處理工具,包括:數據還原、排序、統計、數值、三角、雙曲線、複雜轉換、矩陣相關、峰值計算、FFT、DFT、譜分析、功率譜估計、圖像處理、 有限衝擊/無限衝擊響應、或其他數位濾波器、神經元網路等等。用戶還可以透過功能表,內建功能或輸入用戶自己的分析處理公式,使DADiSP使用起來更加 個性化。

UCINET 社會網路分析軟體

目前最流行的社會網分析軟體是UCINET,Ucinet網路分析軟體,其中包括一維與二維數據分析的NetDraw,還有正在發展應用的三維展示分析軟件Mage等,同時集成了Pajek用於大型網路分析的Free應用軟體程序。UCINET 6 for Windows是一個用於分析社交網絡數據的軟件包。它由Lin Freeman,Martin Everett和Steve Borgatti開發。它配備了NetDraw網絡可視化工具。


UCINET 社會網路分析軟體
UCINET 社會網路分析軟體

DEA-Solver Pro 資料包絡分析軟體

近年來已經有很多使用資料包絡分析(Data Envelopment Analysis,DEA)來評估許多不同種類實體效益的多種應用,在很多不同背景的國家中從事不同的活動。一個原因是,因為經常有未知的複雜因素,很多動作牽扯到多次輸入和輸出之間的關係,DEA已經提供對解決這些情況的可能性。


DEA-Solver Pro 資料包絡分析軟體
DEA-Solver Pro 資料包絡分析軟體


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