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ACBC 自適選擇聯合分析軟體

ACBC 自適選擇聯合分析軟體

  • ACBC 自適選擇聯合分析軟體
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    ACBC是一種新的偏好建模方法,利用了CBC(Choice-Based Conjoint)和ACA(Adaptive Conjoint Analysis)的最佳方面。 自適應選擇面試是一種互動體驗,根據每個人的偏好和意見進行定制。CBC/ACA是Teechart旗下久負盛名的聯合分析(Conjoint Analysis)軟體,聯合分析也稱為結合分析。CBC/ACA可以獲得水平的效用值,屬性的相對重要程度,市場細分,預測市場偏好份額等分析結果。
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Benefits of ACBC
    • More engaging, relevant interviews
    • Directly incorporates non-compensatory decision-making
    • Ability to obtain strong individual-level estimates
    • Can work even with the smallest of sample sizes
    • Solid behavioral theory (consideration, then choice)
    • Solid statistical theory (near-orthogonal experiments and choice data)
When to Use ACBC?
    • Five or more attributes
    • Either large or very small sample sizes
    • When conjoint sections of about 7 to 15 minutes fit within the questionnaire
Why It Works
ACBC's question flow incorporates the well-established theory that buyers make complex choices by forming a consideration set (typically using cut-off rules) and then choosing a product within that consideration set. We display relevant products for respondents to consider by patterning them after the preferred product that respondents have first specified using a BYO (Build-Your-Own) exercise.
Respondents find adaptive CBC interviews more engaging, realistic, and relevant compared to traditional (static) CBC interviews. Even though the interviews are typically longer than standard CBC questionnaires, respondents generally prefer the overall experience.
In addition to the standard part-worth utilities that are useful for segmentation and market simulation, we capture the specific "must-have" and "unacceptable" rules that respondents express during the screening process. We also can tabulate the responses from the BYO (configurator) question. These data provide greater insight than typical CBC studies.
Customer Experiences
ACBC Specifications:
    • ACBC is a component within the Lighthouse Studio Platform
    • Includes HB and Monotone Regression utility estimation routines
    • Utilities may be used within our standard market simulator packages


CBC/ACA是Teechart旗下久負盛名的聯合分析(Conjoint Analysis)軟體,聯合分析也稱為結合分析。CBC/ACA可以獲得水平的效用值,屬性的相對重要程度,市場細分,預測市場偏好份額等分析結果。Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint(ACBC)是我們在Lighthouse Studio中進行聯合/選擇分析的最先進系統。 它用於研究人們如何就複雜的產品或服務做出決策。 ACBC是一種新的偏好建模方法,利用了CBC(Choice-Based Conjoint)和ACA(Adaptive Conjoint Analysis)的最佳方面。 自適應選擇面試是一種互動體驗,根據每個人的偏好和意見進行定制。

  • 更有吸引力的相應整合
  • 直接納入非補償性決策
  • 能夠獲得強大的水平估計
  • 即使使用最小的樣本也可以使用
  • 堅實的行為理論(計算到選擇)
  • 可靠的統計理論(接近 Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint (ACBC) is our most advanced system for conjoint/choice analysis within Lighthouse Studio. It is used for studying how people make decisions regarding complex products or services. ACBC is a new approach to preference modeling that leverages the best aspects of CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint) and ACA (Adaptive Conjoint Analysis). An Adaptive Choice interview is an interactive experience, customized to the preferences and opinions of each individual.

Comparion 決策支援分析軟體

Comparion Core is a collaborative web application for decision makers. Its easy to use, intuitive workflow allows teams to define decision criteria and identify potential solutions. Comparion Core tracks all participants’ judgments, data, and comments— allowing the team to focus on objectives, analysis, and results.


Comparion 決策支援分析軟體
Comparion 決策支援分析軟體

Vensim 8 系統思考分析軟體

起源於美國麻省理工學院的Vensim軟件軟體,是由Ventana公司公司開發,在全球和國內獲得最廣泛使用系統思考分析模組軟體。它具有圖形化的建模方式,並除了具有一般的模型模擬功能外,還具有複合模擬,數組變量,真實性檢驗,靈敏性測試,模型最優化等強大功能.Vensim有Vensim PLE,PLE Plus,Professional和DSS版本,適合不同的使用者。


Vensim 8 系統思考分析軟體
Vensim 8 系統思考分析軟體

Concept Star 3.64 詮釋結構模式軟體

Concept Star是最有實際經驗的分析系統結構法(ISM)的軟體 Concept Star是最實際經驗的分析系統結構法(ISM)軟體,此軟體可於微軟作業系統上運行。 它擁有多年在行政決策和組織解決問題的領域上實際諮詢經驗。 Concept Star有信心是一款可以幫助你解決平日複雜問題的寶貴工具軟體。 Concept Star是無論作為作個人工具或者給專業人員使用(ISM)來幫助解決客戶的問題。這個強大的工具可以幫助您的組織規劃及解決問題。


Concept Star 3.64 詮釋結構模式軟體
Concept Star 3.64 詮釋結構模式軟體




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