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Berkeley Madonna 動態系統模型軟體

Berkeley Madonna 動態系統模型軟體

  • Berkeley Madonna 動態系統模型軟體
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Berkeley Madonna 

New Features
  • • Two and three-dimensional arrays are now directly supported in the equations. For example, you can write equations like this:  
        A[1..M,1..N] = k*F[i]+G[i,2,j] 
    where A is a 2D array, F is a vector (1D array), and G is a 3D array.
  • • Support for discrete equations (conveyors, ovens, and queues) has been added. They have similar properties to the conveyor, oven, and queue stocks in STELLA; however, some capabilities such as conveyor leakage are not yet supported. Explanatory models can be found in the "How Do I" folder.
  • • The DELAY built-in function now works properly with zero delay values.
  • •  Discrete functions such as DELAY now work properly when used in array equations. For example, if you have ten signals A[1] through A[10], a set of delayed signals B[1] through B[10] can be created as follows: 
        B[1..10] = DELAY(A[i], ...)
  • •  Prime notation now defines a regular equation in addition to automatically-generated differential equations. For example the equation x'' = 2 leads to the following definitions: 
        x'' = 2 
        d/dt(x') = x'' 
        d/dt(x) = x' 
    instead of: 
        d/dt(x') = 2 
        d/dt(x) = x'
  • •  The INF keyword provides a convenient way to represent infinity in your equations.
Flowchart Improvements
  • •  The Import Image and Remove Image commands reflect the context in which they are used: if one or more icons are selected, the commands change to Import Icon Image andRemove Icon Image; if no icons are selected, they change toImport Background Image and Remove Background Image.
  • •  Flowchart background images are saved in the model file so they are restored when the model is reopened.
  • •  Flowchart icon images imported using the Import Icon Imagecommand are enlarged or reduced as necessary to prevent the icon from becoming too small or large.
  • •  The Change Color command has been renamed to Background Color to better reflect its purpose.
  • •  Pipes can be hidden independently of flows by unchecking thePipes box in the Icon Visibility dialog.
  • •  Keyboard shortcuts have been added for the Group andUngroup commands.
  • •  When programatically selecting an icon (e.g., via the Show Iconcommand), the flowchart is scrolled as needed so that the icon is visible.
Important: Due to the above changes, flowchart models saved in version 8.0 cannot be opened by previous versions of Berkeley Madonna.
Bug Fixes
  • •  [Macintosh only] Random number generators were producing erroneous output when running with "fast execution" turned off.
  • •  [Windows only] Program occasionally crashed when using theNETFLOW built-in with arrays of differential equations.
Berkeley Madonna is arguably the fastest, most convenient, general purpose differential equation solver available today. It is relatively inexpensive and runs on both Windows and Mac OS. Developed on the Berkeley campus under the sponsorship of NSF and NIH, it is currently used by academic and commercial institutions for constructing mathematical models for research and teaching.

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