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Frontier analyst 4 資料包絡分析軟體

Frontier analyst 4 資料包絡分析軟體

  • Frontier analyst 4 資料包絡分析軟體
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    在您的組織提高您的效率並且重新解釋性能測量以Frontier Analyst®。 使用技術以資料包絡分析(DEA)著名,執行宗旨,採取您在純粹表現之外財政措施的比較效率分析研究。 理想用於零售,加盟,金融業務,醫療保健,公共業務和許多其他事務單位根據企業。Frontier Analyst®易於使用、結合強大功能並幫助您達到您的目標。
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Frontier analyst

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Efficiency Analysis in Hours not Days
Enhance your efficiency and redefine performance measurement in your organisation with Frontier Analyst®. Using the technique known as Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), perform objective, comparative efficiency analysis studies that take you beyond purely financial measures of performance. Ideal for use in retail, franchising, banking, health care, public services and many other business-unit based enterprises. Frontier Analyst® has the perfect mix of ease of use, power and functionality to help you achieve your goals.

Frontier Analyst® allows you to:
Identify star performers to locate best practice
Identify under-achievers
Set realistic, peer based improvement targets
Uncover greatest potential efficiency gains
Allocate resources more effectively
Visualise important information
Inform strategy development.

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“One bank used data envelopment analysis (DEA) to substantially improve its branch productivity and profits while maintaining service quality. It identified over $6million of annual expense savings not identifiable with traditional financial and operating ratio analysis in its 33-branch system.” Source: Sherman & Ladino, “Interfaces 25”, Journal of Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

The quest for greater efficiency is never ending as managers are always under pressure to improve the performance of their organisations. In the public sector, governments are constantly seeking better value for tax payers’ money, while the emergence of a more global economy has intensified competitive pressures on commercial companies. The onus is therefore on managers to achieve better results from the resources available to them. Frontier Analyst® uses a powerful technique called Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to assist you in doing this.

View an online presentation (requires download of a small presentation plugin) or download the standalone viewer (zipped file).

Version 4 steps up a level


Frontier Analyst has always been focused on helping managers and researchers find the useful information in the analysis results. The new version amplifies this facility greatly, allowing you to gain a greater depth of understanding directly in the software. The capability of the software has been greatly expanded, and you can now directly compare multiple analyses in the same charts – something no other DEA software can do. Be sure to check that your supplier is satisfying your requirement s. See what is new in Frontier Analyst version 4 .

  • Download a FREE demonstration

    Both a presentation and a fully working demonstration are available for download. See the demo pages for details.

  • Frontier Analyst® “In Use” White Paper

    The “ Frontier Analyst® In Use ” (available here as PDF) provides an introduction to Frontier Analyst®, its capabilities, and what it can do for you. A second white paper, Frontier Analyst® In Depth is available on request – please email

  • Workbook to take you step-by-step through Frontier Analyst®


    Banxia have prepared a tutorial workbook to help you learn Frontier Analyst®. Using the demonstration version, you can learn how to import data, how to prepare it for analysis, and how to interpret the results using the graphs and tables that Frontier Analyst® provides. The tutorial, provided as an Acrobat PDF file, is included in the demonstration version , or available separately .

  • Training courses

    Interested in learning more about analysing the efficiency of your organisation? A training course introducing DEA and Frontier Analyst® to professionals is now available.Currently, there are no training events for this product. Visit the training events pages for details.

Frontier Analyst®

在您的組織提高您的效率並且重新解釋性能測量以Frontier Analyst®。 使用技術以資料包絡分析(DEA)著名,執行宗旨,採取您在純粹表現之外財政措施的比較效率分析研究。 理想用於零售,加盟,金融業務,醫療保健,公共業務和許多其他事務單位根據企業。


• 辨認執行者找出最佳的實踐
• 辨認後進生
• 設置現實,同輩基於改善目標
• 揭露最巨大的潛在的效率獲取
• 更加有效地調撥資源
• 形象化重要信息
• 比「底線」發掘深入
• 通知戰略發展

LCModel 6.3 腦物質定量分析軟體

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LCModel 6.3 腦物質定量分析軟體
LCModel 6.3 腦物質定量分析軟體

Frontier analyst 4 資料包絡分析軟體

在您的組織提高您的效率並且重新解釋性能測量以Frontier Analyst®。 使用技術以資料包絡分析(DEA)著名,執行宗旨,採取您在純粹表現之外財政措施的比較效率分析研究。 理想用於零售,加盟,金融業務,醫療保健,公共業務和許多其他事務單位根據企業。Frontier Analyst®易於使用、結合強大功能並幫助您達到您的目標。


Frontier analyst 4 資料包絡分析軟體
Frontier analyst 4 資料包絡分析軟體

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