WebStorm 2019.2 程式開發軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

WebStorm 2019.2 程式開發軟體

WebStorm 2019.2 程式開發軟體

  • WebStorm 2019.2 程式開發軟體
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    使用現代JavaScript生態系統的全部力量 - WebStorm讓您覆蓋!享受智能代碼完成,即時錯誤檢測,強大的導航和重構JavaScript,TypeScript,樣式表語言和最流行的框架。
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WebStorm 2019.2 

New UI of completion popup
The completion popup got a new, more polished look. The presentation of completion suggestions in JavaScript and TypeScript became clearer and more consistent. It’s now easier to spot where the symbol is defined and whether it’s part of a standard language API. There’s also a new icon for symbols with multiple definitions.

Smart new intentions
With the new Propagate to destructuring intention (Alt-Enter), you can replace an extra variable if it’s possible with another destructuring. To remove a destructuring completely, use the intention action called Replace destructuring with property or index access. The IDE will now warn you if a boolean expression in a condition has some unnecessary parts and will suggest simplifying it.

Improved Rename refactoring
When you rename a symbol in a JavaScript or TypeScript file, the IDE now groups together dynamic usages and, by default, excludes them from the refactoring. This makes the refactoring more accurate and gives you more control over what exactly should be renamed in the Refactoring Preview tool window.

Better support for Vue.js component libraries
Using Vuetify, BootstrapVue, or Quasar in your Vue.js application? Code completion for components and their props from these and some other Vue component libraries is now more precise. This was made possible by a new approach we’ve adopted to work with these libraries in the IDE.

Syntax highlighting for 20+ languages
Need to occasionally look through some PHP or Python files in WebStorm? Syntax highlighting is now available for these and many other languages – with no additional configuration required, thanks to the collection of TextMate grammar files that ships with the IDE.

Completion for mistyped keywords and names
Ever typed funtcion or fnction instead of function by mistake? Now, code completion can understand this kind of errors and will still suggest the most relevant option for you. This works in all supported languages and for all symbols – keywords, classes, functions, components, and so on.

Support for shell scripts
WebStorm can now help you work with shell scripts. Code completion works in .sh and .bash files, a new run configuration is available, and the IDE integrates with ShellCheck for linting and shfmt for formatting the code.

Searching for duplicate code
With the new Duplicate code fragment inspection, you can now find code duplicates in your project. It checks your code on the fly and immediately highlights potential duplicates in the editor. It works for JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, Sass, SCSS, and Less.

Code style for a folder with EditorConfig
You can now maintain different code styles in different parts of your projects by adding multiple .editorconfig files. In addition to the standard EditorConfig options, which have been supported for a long time, you can now use IDE-specific properties that cover all available IDE code style options.

Open multiple projects in one window
When you have a project opened in WebStorm and want to open another one, you can now attach this second project to the opened one, so that you can see both of them in the same IDE window. If you want to close the attached project, right-click its root in the Project view and select Remove from Project View.

Updated plugin configuration
With the updated Plugin page in the IDE preferences, it is now easier to find the plugin you need – the plugin description is now shown right next to the list of available plugins. We’ve removed the Updates tab but added a new Update button next to the plugin in the Installed section. To disable or re-enable all the downloaded plugins, click the gear icon and choose the appropriate option.

Completion in .gitignore
In .gitignore files, the IDE offers code completion suggestions for file and folder names. Cmd/Ctrl-click on the name to jump to this file or folder in the Project view. You can now quickly add a file to .gitignore from the Local Changes tab – right-click it in the Unversioned files group and select Add to .gitignore.

WebStorm  程式開發軟體 

使用現代JavaScript生態系統的全部力量 - WebStorm讓您覆蓋!享受智能代碼完成,即時錯誤檢測,強大的導航和重構JavaScript,TypeScript,樣式表語言和最流行的框架。

在IDE中輕鬆調試客戶端和Node.js應用程序 - 將斷點放在源代碼中,探索調用堆棧和變量,設置手錶以及使用交互式控制台。





您現在可以將一些ESLint代碼樣式規則導入 IDE的JavaScript代碼樣式設置。

您現在可以將一些ESLint代碼樣式規則導入 IDE的JavaScript代碼樣式設置。


您還可以在TypeScript中查看對象的推斷類型,如果您在MacOS 上持有Cmd或在Windows和Linux上保持 Ctrl並將鼠標懸停在其上。

>導入將自動添加完成在項目中定義和導出的 JavaScript符號
>改進了TypeScript中的導航:轉到定義將 .ts文件更改為.d.ts文件
>版本控制的改進:提交消息格式的配置,Git 的恢復提交操作以及提交消息 的新Reword操作

Handsontable 7.2 電子表格開發軟體

為開發人員設計的 Handsontable是您可擴展的電子表格解決方案,用於創建出色應用程序 超越電網 Handsontable是您可擴展的電子表格解決方案,用於創建出色應用程序。這個開箱即用的解決方案帶有CLI工具,因此您可以使用任意數量的插件來構建您的創建。此外,Handsontable是一個空白的畫布,所以你可以創建自己的外觀和感覺。 開源 自從2012年GitHub首次推出以來,成千上萬的用戶為Handsontable開發做出了貢獻。它已從基礎工具轉變為許多行業的必要數據網格技術,包括金融,零售,技術和科學。 多個版本 Handsontable是用純JavaScript編寫的,也可以使用AngularJS指令和聚合物組件。我們正在努力增加更多的集成,前端框架和更好的後端技術支持。


Handsontable 7.2 電子表格開發軟體
Handsontable 7.2 電子表格開發軟體

JEB2 Android app decompiler

JEB是一個逆向工程平台,可以手動或作為分析管道的一部分執行代碼和文檔文件的反彙編,反編譯,調試和分析。JEB2的UI客戶端需要支持包。支持包包含基於Eclipse Rich Client Platform框架的通用圖形框架組件。JEB需要Java Runtime Environment(JRE)或Java Development Kit(JDK)版本8.(請注意,jeb.jar適用於較舊的JRE 7或較新的JRE 9;但是,UI桌面客戶端需要JRE 8.)。


JEB2 Android app decompiler
JEB2 Android app decompiler

Aqua Data Studio v20

Aqua Data Studio is a universal integrated development environment (IDE) for databases and visual analytics. It enables database developers, database administrators, and data and business analysts to handle their multi-platform databases and the data contained therein. Develop, manage, and administer databases; access, manage, and visually analyze data; and connect to a large range of relational, cloud, and NoSQL database platforms.


Aqua Data Studio v20
Aqua Data Studio v20




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