WebStorm 2021.1 程式開發軟體-資安軟體/研究分析軟體/心理學軟體/新永資訊有限公司

WebStorm 2021.1 程式開發軟體

WebStorm 2021.1 程式開發軟體

  • WebStorm 2021.1 程式開發軟體
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    使用現代JavaScript生態系統的全部力量 - WebStorm讓您覆蓋!享受智能代碼完成,即時錯誤檢測,強大的導航和重構JavaScript,TypeScript,樣式表語言和最流行的框架。
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WebStorm 2021.1 Program Development Software

What’s new in WebStorm 2021.1
Smarter code completion for JavaScript and TypeScript, improved support for Stylelint, a built-in HTML preview, new settings for choosing editor font weight, and enhancements for working with pull requests.

JavaScript & TypeScript
ML-assisted code completion

Completion suggestions in your JavaScript and TypeScript files will now be sorted using machine-learning algorithms. Read this blog post to learn more. 

Better completion suggestions for symbol names

WebStorm will now consider file names when showing you completion suggestions for top-level variables as well as for function and class names.
Improved JSDoc syntax highlighting
To make JSDoc comments more readable, we’ve implemented new options for tweaking the color scheme of JSDoc tag values and types. You can find them in Preferences / Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | JavaScript / TypeScript.
Suppressing inspections for files
WebStorm allows you to turn off individual inspections for your entire project or on a more granular level – for example, for a statement or a class. With v2021.1, you can also disable them on a file-by-file basis.

Frameworks & Technologies
Built-in remote collaborative development service

WebStorm is now shipped with Code With Me, our new service for remote collaborative development and pair programming. You can use it to code together in real time and talk to others from the IDE.
​​​​​Support for CSS modules in Vue

Starting from v2021.1, WebStorm will support CSS modules used in .vue files. The IDE will resolve $style properties correctly, providing code completion, navigation, and basic refactoring capabilities for them.
Enhancements for the HTTP client

Working with the built-in HTTP client is now more convenient. You can collapse the returned output using a new icon, quickly scroll to the top or the bottom of the response, find and replace usages of the http:// protocol in a few clicks.
Configurable scope for ESLint
If you have ESLint set up for files like .md or .coffee, you can now see the errors reported by it in the editor. For this, add those file types to a new Run for files field.
Support for JSON Lines
WebStorm現在支持JSON Lines文本格式。IDE將識別 .jsonl,.jslines,.ldjson和.ndjson文件類型。


Improved support for Stylelint

Fix your CSS code with Stylelint in just a few clicks. Hover over a problem in your file or place the caret on it and press Alt+Enter, then select Stylelint: Fix current file.
Additionally, you can now specify a path to the configuration file under the corresponding field in Preferences / Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Style Sheets | Stylelint.
Built-in HTML preview

You can now preview static HTML files right in WebStorm! The changes you make to an HTML file or the linked CSS and JavaScript files will be saved, with the preview reloaded automatically so you can see the changes.
Selector specificity for CSS

When working with style sheets, you can now check the specificity of your selectors – just hover over a selector that you want to check. Alternatively, focus on a selector and press Ctrl+Q to see this information in the Documentation popup.

User Interface
Adjustable font weight

You can now choose between different variations of the editor font you’re using, be it light, regular, or bold. You can adjust the new options under Typography Settings in Preferences / Settings | Editor | Fonts.
Maximize tabs in the split view

Have several tabs open in the split view? Double-click the tab you’re working with to maximize the editor window for it. To bring that tab back to its original size, double-click it again.

More helpful quick documentation

MDN documentation is now bundled with WebStorm. This will help prevent connectivity issues with the MDN website and make in-editor documentation show up faster. It’s now also more informative – for example, you’ll see details about supported browser versions for JavaScript APIs.
Better accessibility
If you use high contrast mode on Windows, WebStorm will sync with the OS and apply the high-contrast theme on the first launch. Plus, more UI elements are now read out correctly when you use a screen reader.
Quick access to recent projects on Windows
We’ve improved the support for Windows jump lists and made it possible to open your recent projects by right-clicking on the WebStorm icon on the taskbar or on the Start menu.
Fixes for many issues
This release was mainly focused on improving the quality of WebStorm. We’ve fixed a lot of known issues, including the one involving file-name case sensitivity when working with different file systems.

Version Control
​​Improved work with pull requests

We’ve added several enhancements that will help you work with pull requests more efficiently. For example, you can now create a new PR right from the Pull Requests tool window by clicking the + icon.
Support for commit message templates
WebStorm now supports Git commit message templates, which you can use to remind yourself of what needs to be included in a message. When you define such a template, the IDE will show its text as an initial commit message.
New action for saving to Shelf

You can now use a new Save to Shelf action to copy your changes to Shelf while keeping them in the local changes. To try it out, press Ctrl+Shift+A and type Save to Shelf.
Intelligent coding assistance

WebStorm brings you smart coding assistance for JavaScript and compiled-to-JavaScript languages, Node.js, HTML and CSS. Enjoy code completion, powerful navigation features, on-the-fly error detection, and refactorings for all of these languages.
Modern frameworks
WebStorm provides advanced coding assistance for Angular, React, Vue.js and Meteor. Enjoy support for React Native, PhoneGap, Cordova and Ionic for mobile development and develop for server-side with Node.js. All in one IDE!
Smart editor
The IDE analyzes your project to provide the best code completion results for all supported languages. Hundreds of built-in inspections report any possible issues right as you type and suggest quick-fix options

Navigation & Search
WebStorm helps you get around your code more efficiently and save time when working with large projects. Jump to a method, function or variable definition in just one click, or search for the usages.
Debugging, tracing and testing
WebStorm provides powerful built-in tools for debugging, testing and tracing your client-side and Node.js applications. With minimum configuration required and thoughtful integration into the IDE, these tasks are much easier with WebStorm.
WebStorm provides a built-in debugger for your client-side code (that works with Chrome) and Node.js apps. Place the breakpoints, step through the code, and evaluate expressions – all without leaving the IDE.
Perform testing with ease, as WebStorm integrates with Karma test runner, Mocha, Jest and Protractor. Run and debug tests right inside the IDE, view results in a nice and visual format, and navigate to the test code.
Tracing and profiling
WebStorm features spy-js, a built-in tool that helps you trace your JavaScript code. Explore how files are connected with function calls and efficiently identify any possible bottlenecks.

Seamless tool integration
WebStorm integrates with popular command line tools for web development, providing you with a productive, streamlined development experience without using the command line.
Build tools
Enjoy a simple unified UI for running Grunt, Gulp or npm tasks right from the IDE. All tasks are listed in a special tool window, so simply double-click on the task name to start it.
Code quality tools
In addition to hundreds of WebStorm’s own inspections, it can run ESLint, JSCS, TSLint, Stylelint, JSHint or JSLint against your code and highlight any issues on the fly, right in the editor.
Project templates
Start new projects from the Welcome screen using popular project templates like Express or Web starter kit, and access even more project generator thanks to integration with Yeoman.

IDE features
WebStorm is built on top of the open-source IntelliJ Platform, which we at JetBrains have been developing and perfecting for over 15 years. Enjoy the fine-tuned, yet highly customizable experience it provides to fit your development workflow.
WebStorm provides a unified UI for working with many popular Version Control Systems, ensuring a consistent user experience across git, GitHub, SVN, Mercurial, and Perforce.
Local history
Whether you’re using VCS or not, Local history can be a real code saver. At any time you can inspect the history of either a particular file or directory, and roll back to any of its previous versions.
WebStorm is extremely customizable. Adjust it to perfectly suit your coding style, from shortcuts, fonts and visual themes to tool windows and editor layout.


Officially released 64-bit versions of the following:
Microsoft Windows 8 or later
macOS 10.13 or later
Any Linux distribution that supports Gnome, KDE, or Unity DE.
Pre-release versions are not supported.

Multi-core CPU. WebStorm supports multithreading for different operations and processes making it faster the more CPU cores it can use.
8 GB of total system RAM
SSD drive with at least 5 GB of free space

WebStorm 2021.1 程式開發軟體

WebStorm 2021.1的新增功能





​​​​​為了使JSDoc註釋更具可讀性,我們實現了一些新選項,用於調整JSDoc標記值和類型的顏色方案。您可以在“首選項/設置” |“設置”中找到它們。 編輯器 配色方案| JavaScript / TypeScript。


現在,WebStorm隨Code With Me一起提供, Code With Me是我們用於遠程協作開發和結對編程的新服務。您可以使用它進行 實時編碼,並 通過IDE與其他人交談。

​​​​​​從v2021.1開始,WebStorm將支持.vue文件中使用的CSS模塊。IDE將正確解析$ style屬性,為它們提供代碼完成,導航和基本的重構功能。

如果已為.md或.coffee等文件設置了ESLint,則現在可以在編輯器中查看其報告的錯誤。為此,請將這些文件類型添加到新的 “運行文件”字段中。
WebStorm現在支持JSON Lines文本格式。IDE將識別 .jsonl,.jslines,.ldjson和.ndjson文件類型。



只需單擊幾下,即可使用Stylelint修復CSS代碼。將鼠標懸停在文件中的問題上或將插入符號放在其上Alt+Enter,然後按,然後選擇 Stylelint:修復當前文件。
此外,您現在可以在“首選項/設置” |“設置”中的相應字段下 指定配置文件的路徑。語言和框架| 樣式表| Stylelint。

​​​​​現在,您可以直接在WebStorm中預覽靜態HTML文件!您對HTML文件或鏈接的CSS和JavaScript文件所做的更改將被保存,並 自動重新加載預覽,以便您查看更改。

​​​​​現在,使用樣式表時,您可以檢查選擇器的 特殊性-只需將鼠標懸停在要檢查的選擇器上即可。或者,將焦點放在一個選擇器上,然後按一下Ctrl+Q以在“文檔”彈出窗口中查看此信息。


現在,您可以在使用的編輯器字體的不同變體之間進行選擇,無論是淺色,常規還是粗體。您可以在“首選項” /“設置” |“字體”中的“字體設置”下調整新選項 。編輯器 字體。



MDN文檔現在與WebStorm捆綁在一起。這將有助於防止MDN網站的連接問題,並使編輯器中的文檔顯示得更快。現在,它也提供了更多信息-例如,您將看到有關JavaScript API支持的瀏覽器版本的詳細信息。
我們已經改進了對Windows跳轉列表的支持,並通過右鍵單擊任務欄或“開始”菜單上的WebStorm圖標,可以 打開您最近的項目。
該發行版主要側重於提高WebStorm的質量。我們已經解決了許多 已知問題,其中包括 在使用不同文件系統時涉及文件名區分大小寫的問題。


​​​​​我們添加 了一些增強功能,可以幫助 您更有效地處理請求請求。例如,您現在可以直接在“拉取請求”工具窗口中通過單擊+圖標來創建新的PR 。
WebStorm現在支持 Git提交消息模板,您可以使用該模板來提醒自己消息中需要包含的內容。定義此類模板時,IDE會將其文本顯示為初始提交消息。

現在,您可以使用新的“保存到貨架”操作將更改複製到“貨架”,同時將其保留在本地更改中。要試用,請按 Ctrl+Shift+A並輸入Save to Shelf。

WebStorm為Angular, React,Vue.js和Meteor提供了高級編碼幫助。享受對React Native,PhoneGap,Cordova和Ionic的支持,以進行移動開發以及使用Node.js在服務器端進行開發。一站式集成開發環境!
IDE將分析您的項目, 以為所有受支持的語言提供最佳的代碼完成結果。數以百計的內置檢查會在您鍵入內容時報告任何可能的問題,並提出快速修復選項。

享受一個簡單的統一UI,可直接從IDE運行Grunt, Gulp或 npm任務。所有任務都在一個特殊的工具窗口中列出,因此只需雙擊任務名稱即可啟動它。
除了數百WebStorm自己檢查的,它可以運行 ESLint, JSCS,TSLint,Stylelint, JSHint或JSLint的對你的代碼,並突出顯示在飛行的任何問題,就在編輯器中。
使用流行的項目模板(如Express 或Web入門工具包),從“歡迎”屏幕開始新項目, 由於與Yeoman集成,因此可以訪問更多項目生成器。


Zelix KlassMaster™ 16.0 JAVA混淆器工具軟體

Zelix KlassMaster™ Java混淆器可保護Java字節碼免於反編譯和逆向工程。它先進的流混淆,字符串加密, 方法參數混淆,引用混淆和 方法參數更改技術使其成為真正的重型Java混淆器。


Zelix KlassMaster™ 16.0 JAVA混淆器工具軟體

Teechart 2020 圖表物件製作軟體

TeeChart Pro 2020圖表組件庫提供數百種2D和3D圖形樣式,用於數據可視化,56種數學,統計和財務功能,您可以選擇無限數量的軸和30個調色板組件。


Teechart 2020 圖表物件製作軟體

Lahey Fortran Professional 7.8 編譯軟體

LF Fortran PRO 7.8 包括Lahey / Fujitsu Fortran 95編譯器,32/64位Lahey / GNU編譯器,並添加了Microsoft的Visual Studio 2015 Shell與Lahey的獨家Fortran集成,W交互器 入門工具包,W i SK,用於創建Windows GUI和顯示圖形,Polyhedron的Automake實用程序,Fujitsu的WinFDB Windows調試器,檢測未執行代碼並執行操作範圍檢查的Coverage Analysis Tool,有助於調整程序性能的Sampler Tool(執行探查器),Fujitsu的Visual Analyzer,Fujitsu SSL2數學庫(在Fujitsu大型機和工作站上具有豐富的庫並具有出色的性能)以及Fujitsu和GNU C編譯器。


Lahey Fortran Professional 7.8 編譯軟體