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UltraEdit V28 文本編輯器軟體

UltraEdit V28 文本編輯器軟體

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UltraEdit V28 Text Editor Software

UltraEdit latest changes
The following changes were made to UltraEdit v28.00
   ​​​​• Code-aware suggestions for auto-completing class
      members, methods, etc.
   ​​​​• Function tips for typing parameters in function call
   • UltraEdit parses active file and parent folder for symbols
​​​   • Supports local files and files opened via FTP
   •Optionally scan other folders
​​   • New config options in Settings » Auto-complete » IntelliTips
Improved auto-complete
   •  Fully themed auto-complete dialog
   •  Choose when auto-complete automatically shows in
       Settings » Auto-complete
​​​• Fully resizable Find and Replace dialogs
​​​• New context menu option "Delete lines" in Find String List
   to delete all lines containing string
​​​• New option to "Highlight all items found" with Replace
​​​• "Highlight all selected" optionally matches:
    •  Whole word only (and optionally only when selection is
        a whole word)
    •  Case
​​    •  ​​​​​Configure in Settings » Search » Advanced
​​​• "Save and Close" command
​​​• "Open last-closed tab" option (file tab context menu)
​​​• Ability to save an empty, new file
​​​• Save As option to leave both original file and new file open
   •  Added support for remote (FTP) files as well
​​​• Go to previous and next position using forward and back
   buttons mouse
​​​• Dynamic highlighting of XML and HTML attributes and values
​​​• Clicking in line margin to select now selects entire
   soft-wrapped line
​​​• Expanded theme support with most dialogs using theme colors
​​​• Other minor enhancements and issues addressed

UltraEdit v28: Faster, smarter editing
All new IntelliTips code completion, resizable Find & Replace,
and dozens of new features and enhancements
We are excited to start the new year with the first release of the UltraEdit v28 series! UltraEdit v28.00 is yet another testament to our user-driven development model, featuring dozens of new features and enhancements that you've requested. One of the most exciting additions is IntelliTips!
IntelliTips auto-complete in UltraEdit v28
IntelliTips is an Intellisense-like functionality that provides code-aware and context-aware auto-complete suggestions. For example, when typing class member names, or accessing them with . or ->, IntelliTips will automatically suggest to auto-complete with methods or members belonging to the class. Additionally, when calling a function that exists in your source, UltraEdit will show a tooltip displaying the function's parameters. IntelliTips helps you write code more quickly and accurately.

Write code faster with IntelliTips auto-complete
You'll notice that when you're writing your code, UltraEdit will begin making more context-aware auto-completion suggestions for you. IntelliTips works "out of the box" – there's nothing you need to set up or configure. No need to add your source code to a project – UltraEdit scans for code symbols in your active file and its folder as well as any included files. You can even tell UltraEdit to scan a specific folder or library to include symbols.

IntelliTips works automatically. No need to install any cumbersome or outdated plugins or download additional packages. As always, however, UltraEdit empowers you to configure its functionality as little or as much as you want.
You can tweak IntelliTips settings and behaviors with the new options under Advanced » Settings » Auto-complete » IntelliTips » Settings.

IntelliTips also offers something called function tips, which provide a tooltip hint of the typed function's required parameters. Function tips appear automatically, but if you decide you only want to see them on-demand, you can bring them up with the Ctrl Shift Spacebar shortcut.

Accelerate typing with improved auto-complete
We've themed the auto-complete dialog and expanded regular auto-complete functionality to provide more granular control over auto-complete suggestions. You can configure whether IntelliTips, language keywords, and / or text from the active file are shown here, as well as when to make suggestions and how to handle different cases.

Fully resizable Find and Replace dialogs
Searching for a big string? Now you've got a BIG Find/Replace box to accommodate it! By popular demand, we've retooled these dialogs to make the Find, Replace, Find in Files, and Replace in Files dialogs resizable in both width and height. Custom sizes are remembered between sessions.

Delete lines containing string
If you've ever wondered, "How do I get rid of the lines in this file containing _____?" then you'll love this small but incredibly helpful addition in the Find String List! Right-click on the list and select "Delete lines" to instantly remove them from the file. It's that easy!

Better "Highlight All Selected"
Now you can adjust the behavior of "Highlight All Selected" to optionally only match exact cases or whole words. Want to match whole words only if a whole word is selected? We've got you covered. You can find the new settings in Advanced » Settings » Search » Advanced.

Open last closed tab
​It's a feature we've all come to appreciate in web browsers...and now you can enjoy it in your favorite text editor too! Accidentally close the wrong file or click in the wrong place? No problem! Just click on the empty file tab area and select the "Open last closed tab option" to re-open the file.

Save As...and leave the original open
There are times where we want to save the file with a new name and leave the original file open. Version 28 is all about delivering the convenience and makes this possible with the new "Keep original file open" in the Save As dialog. Did we mention we added support for FTP Save As too?

Expanded theme support
Enjoy a more cohesive and comprehensive unified look and feel with the many theming improvements in v28. From Settings to Sort...from templates to tags...nearly every dialog in UltraEdit v28 now applies your selected theme colors.

Dynamic highlighting of XML / HTML attributes
UltraEdit v28 includes syntax highlighting improvements for XML and HTML to dynamically highlight all attributes and their values. Previous versions relied upon hard-coded keywords, but v28 removes this limitation and provides a better visual representation of HTML and XML elements.




Win7 x64,WinXP,WinVista,Win7 x32,Win8 x32,Win8 x64,Win10 x32,Win10 x64,
Linux Ubuntu Debian

UltraEdit V28 文本編輯器軟體

UltraEdit v28.00更改如下
​​​​​• 智能提示
   ​​​​• 自動完成的類成員,方法等的代碼感知建議。
   ​​​​• 在函數調用中鍵入參數的功能提示
   • UltraEdit解析活動文件和父文件夾中的符號
​​​   • 支持本地文件和通過FTP打開的文件
​​   • 設置»自動完成»IntelliTips中的新配置選項
​​​• 改進的自動完成
   •  完全主題的自動完成對話框
   •  選擇何時自動完成自動顯示在“設置”»“自動完成”中
​​​• 完全可調整大小的“查找和替換”對話框
​​​• 查找字符串列表中的新上下文菜單選項“刪除行”可刪除所有包含
​​​   ​​​​字符串的行
​​​• 通過“替換”“突出顯示找到的所有項目”的新選項
​​​• “突出顯示所有選定內容”(可選)匹配:
    •  僅整個單詞(並且只有在選擇是整個單詞時才可選)
    •  案件在“設置”»“搜索”»“高級”中進行配置
​​​• “保存並關閉”命令
​​​• “打開最後關閉的選項卡”選項(文件選項卡上下文菜單)
​​​• 能夠保存一個空的新文件
​​​• 另存為選項可同時打開原始文件和新文件
   •  還增加了對遠程(FTP)文件的支持
​​​• 使用前進和後退按鈕鼠標轉到上一個和下一個位置
​​​• 動態突出顯示XML和HTML屬性和值
​​​• 單擊行邊距以選擇現在選擇整個軟包裝的行
​​​• 擴展了主題支持,適用於大多數使用主題顏色的對話框
​​​• 其他小的改進和解決的問題

UltraEdit v28:更快,更智能的編輯
我們很高興以UltraEdit v28系列的第一版開始新的一年!UltraEdit v28.0
UltraEdit v28中的IntelliTips自動完成

您會注意到,在編寫代碼時,UltraEdit將開始為您提供更多上下文相關的自動完成建議。IntelliTips可以“開箱即用”地工作-無需設置或配置。無需將源代碼添加到項目中– UltraEdit會掃描活動文件及其文件夾以及所有包含的文件中的代碼符號。您甚至可以告訴UltraEdit掃描特定的文件夾或庫以包含符號。

您可以使用“高級”»“設置”»“自動完成”»“ IntelliTips”»“設置”下的新選項來調整IntelliTips的設置和行為。

IntelliTips還提供了一種稱為功能提示的功能,它們提供了鍵入的功能所需參數的工具提示。功能提示會自動出現,但是如果您決定只希望按需查看它們,則可以使用Ctrl Shift空格鍵快捷鍵來顯示它們。



如果您曾經想過,“如何擺脫該文件中包含_____的行?” 那麼您會喜歡“查找字符串列表”中的這一小巧但非常有用的功能!右鍵單擊列表,然後選擇“刪除行”以立即將其從文件中刪除。就這麼簡單!




通過v28中的許多主題改進,您可以享受更具凝聚力和更全面的統一外觀。從設置到排序...從模板到標籤... UltraEdit v28中的幾乎每個對話框現在都可以應用您選擇的主題顏色。

​​​​動態突出顯示XML / HTML屬性
UltraEdit v28包括對XML和HTML的語法突出顯示改進,可動態突出顯示所有屬性及其值。以前的版本依賴於硬編碼的關鍵字,但是v28消除了此限制,並提供了更好的HTML和XML元素的可視化表示形式。



EditPlus 5.4 文字編輯軟體

EditPlus是一個內置FTP(也是FTPS)和sftp功能的Windows 文本編輯器。雖然它可以作為一個很好的記事本更換,它還為網頁作者和程序員提供了許多強大的功能。 HTML,PHP,Java,C / C ++,CSS,ASP,Perl,JavaScript,VBScript,Python和Ruby on Rails的語法突出顯示。此外,它可以擴展為基於自定義語法文件的其他編程語言。 用於預覽HTML頁面的無縫Web瀏覽器以及將本地文件上傳到FTP服務器的FTP(也稱為sftp和FTPS)功能。 其他功能包括Hex Viewer,HTML工具欄,用戶工具,行號,標尺,URL高亮顯示,自動完成,cliptext,列選擇,強大的搜索和替換,多個撤消/重做,拼寫檢查,可自定義的鍵盤快捷鍵等。

EditPlus 5.4 文字編輯軟體

ModelMaker 程式開發輔助軟體

Model Maker是功能強大,直觀且集成的數字地形建模程序,並且是Model Maker Systems的軟件套件中最先進的程序。這就是為什麼“模型製作器”是全球成千上萬的選擇的原因。

ModelMaker 程式開發輔助軟體


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