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SmartDraw 圖表製作軟體

SmartDraw  圖表製作軟體

  • SmartDraw 圖表製作軟體
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    SmartDraw 是專業的圖表製作軟體。可以用它輕鬆製作組織機構圖、流程圖、地圖、房間佈局圖、數學公式、統計表、化學分析圖表、解剖圖表等等。附帶的圖庫裡包含數百個範例、數千個符號和外形供你直接套用。並可直接去官往下載更多內容!
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SmartDraw 圖表製作軟體

SmartDraw's new Teams integration lets you continue the conversation with visuals where you already collaborate with your team. You can now easily add existing diagrams to your channels or create brand new diagrams everyone can work on.
Add SmartDraw to Microsoft Teams
Your admin will add SmartDraw as an app available for your Team instance from the Microsoft Teams App Store.
Add and Collaborate on Diagrams
You can now open any existing SmartDraw diagram or create a
new diagram as a tab in your channel. Anyone in the channel can comment or edit your document to facilitate faster communication.
The embedded SmartDraw app gives you all the power of SmartDraw at your fingertips inside a familiar Teams interface.
How to Add a SmartDraw Diagram to Your Team Channel
To add a SmartDraw tab to your channel, select the SmartDraw icon from the new tab dialog.
You can add any of your existing diagrams from the list displayed. You can search your entire collection using the search tool.



for Windows
• IBM-compatible 32-bit or 64-bit PC with Windows® 10, 8, 7,
   and Vista
• 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
• 4GB free hard disk space
Occasional internet access in order to download content and
validate its license.
for Mac
• Mac OS Mojave (10.14), Safari 14.1.0 and later

• Mac OS Catalina (10.15), Safari 15.0 and later

• Mac OS Big Sur (11), Safari Safari 15.0 and later

• Mac OS Monterey (12), Safari Safari 15.0 and later

SmartDraw will always test and verify to work with two most
recent versions of Safari. In general, this covers over 85% of Macs in use.

Users have reported no issues running on Mac OS High Sierra
and Safari 13.1, however we do not test against this version.

Mac OS Sierra Users
On January 13th 2022, an update for SmartDraw standardized on the use of pointer events for mobile devices, which are supported by all current browsers. Safari 12 (Mac OS Sierra) does not
support pointer events by default.

If you are a Safari 12 users there are a few options

• Switch to using Chrome when running SmartDraw.
  (Recommended solution)

• Upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra or Mojave Mac OS, which
   includes Safari 13.


SmartDraw 圖表製作軟體

SmartDraw 的新 Teams 集成讓您可以繼續與您的團隊協作的視覺對象進行對話。您現在可以輕鬆地將現有圖表添加到您的頻道或創建每個人都可以使用的全新圖表。
將 SmartDraw 添加到 Microsoft Teams 
您的管理員會將 SmartDraw 添加為 Microsoft Teams App Store 中可用於您的團隊實例的應用程序。
您現在可以打開任何現有的 SmartDraw 圖表或在您的頻道中創建一個新圖表作為選項卡。頻道中的任何人都可以評論或編輯您的文檔,以促進更快的溝通。
嵌入式 SmartDraw 應用程序讓您在熟悉的 Teams 界面中觸手可及
SmartDraw 的所有功能。
如何將 SmartDraw 圖表添加到您的團隊頻道
要將 SmartDraw 選項卡添加到您的頻道,請從新選項卡對話框中選擇
SmartDraw 圖標。


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